Myriad Live 2017 with Tim Walmsley from BenchOn Pty Ltd

Myriad live with Tim Walmsley from BenchOn Pty Ltd

Posted by BeachCity on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Video Transcription:

Chris: We're back. We're live again at BeachCity live on Facebook, and I have with me Tim Wamsley from Bench@n. How you going, Tim?

Tim: Yeah, really well.

Chris: How's Myriad for you?

Tim: Great today. I think because of yesterday with the weather everyone is hustling like a champion and getting out there and trying to meet as many people as possible. So that's [inaudible 00:00:17].

Chris: It's an absolutely awesome vibe in here. Whoa, what ...

Tim: He just knocked the camera there.

Chris: Watch the equipment there. Okay, so what's Bench@n? What's Bench@n all about?

Tim: We're solving employee underutilization. So contract-based industries, people in between contracts, costing companies a lot of money sitting on the bench, we match them to short-term contracts from other companies. So we've effectively created a pool of talent that no one's ever been able to tap into before.

Chris: That's so cool.

Tim: Yeah.

Chris: So who makes the dollar then?

Tim: Everyone. It's a win-win-win. The companies now have access to the talent when they need it and it's completely free from the sourcer, us, the company providing the resource gets revenue now for when they wouldn't have been getting it before, and then our rate is paid after they get paid, so there's no upfront cost.

Chris: I'm signing up. I'm in the services industry, and yeah, the scariest thing about my industry, like a marketing agency, sometimes we can have resources sitting around, absolutely. And right now we're at scale up. We're growing organically, and man that's hard. Just wondering when to take the next leap, and I ask, "Should I take it now or wait for that next contract?" Maybe Bench@n can help me grow. That sounds friggin' awesome.

Tim: It completely reduces your risk. So you can grow and create new jobs, right?

Chris: Bring it. Cool man, so whereabouts are you based?

Tim: I'm based on the Gold Coast. I also have an office here in Brisbane and an office in Sydney.

Chris: Okay, cool. Where on the coast? Where are you?

Tim: I'm at Arundel.

Chris: Arundel.

Tim: Yeah, right smack in the centre. It's good.

Chris: And then what do you do for a lifestyle, how do you balance the work-life?

Tim: Yeah, well actually my life is actually in the business, right? So the business pretty much took over my whole life. But I've got two kids, two young kids, six and three, so they're effectively my hobby. But my son, six, he's taken up surfing, so now I pretty much surf because I have to.

Chris: Where's your favourite beach to surf?

Tim: We normally go to Main Beach.

Chris: Main Beach?

Tim: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: Right in the big waves.

Tim: Right in there. All the spit. Take the dog down to the spit and get out there.

Chris: The dog too. Dog, two kids, surfboard, you name it. That's life of the Gold Coast, right, though?

Tim: That's right.

Chris: Have you got a truck? Do you have a truck with heaps of stuff in the back?

Tim: We've got a massive camper trailer because that's it. We're always going camping because we can't afford to stay in a hotel. You're out there camping in the wilderness.

Chris: And where do you camping?

Tim: We often go down to Hasting's Point, just down south. You know, from the Gold Coast, all the coastline down there from maybe an hour or two down south from there is just perfect.

Chris: Don't you just feel like you're a world away, like 45 minutes - an hour, you drive south from the Gold Coast, and boom, you could be anywhere in the world, and it's just amazing, isn't it?

Tim: And close enough that when we forget something, I can say "Missus, just drive home and pick that up, will you?"

Chris: He's talking tough, he's talking tough.

Tim: Just don't show her the video.

Chris: We're live on Facebook dude, she's watching right now. I tagged the company in the post, they're watching.

Tim: I'm dead, I'm dead.

Chris: Beautiful. So man what's been one of the biggest challenges that you've had to overcome in starting a business and running a business?

Tim: I guess the biggest challenge was first when do we quit our job? So my wife and I, we sold our house, and then both quit our jobs at the same time, and then took this on. So that was a major financial decision to jump into that. But it was going too well and we had to.

Chris: That's a great problem to have.

Tim: That's right, yeah.

Chris: So were the kids around then as well?

Tim: Well yeah, we had to up my daughter's kindy so that she was away more, but yeah. We still have one day a week when she's home. And I've been on plenty of conference calls where my daughter comes in and goes, "Hello!"

Chris: Just like that dude on ...

Tim: In the background they come in and ...

Chris: And how are people? Are they receptive to that now, are they cool or what?

Tim: Most of them are, most of my customers I'm talking to a managing director or CEO, and it breaks down their walls, once they see a kid come in they're like, "Oh, you're just like me. All right, yeah, no worries man."

Chris: That's brilliant, brilliant. Gone are they days where working from home with your family running around in the background are a problem. That's really cool, man. When I started out in '98, that was a problem.

Tim: Yeah, right. Exactly. Now it's expected. I was talking to a CEO of an international IT company, and he had his son sitting in the background with Transformers on. Everyone's really relaxed about it, you know?

Chris: "Excuse me, this is my favourite part."

Tim: Yeah.

Chris: "I might just watch a bit of that before I come back to work."

Tim: Well, to get him back, he is from the UK, so I put Peppa Pig on for my daughter and we sort of combated that way.

Chris: Beautiful, beautiful. So when you can have a life and a business, does that offer you some flexibility that you've never had before?

Tim: Actually, it does. You have the ability, like yesterday my house got flooded at Arundel, so I was still working while digging trenches around my house. But you have that flexibility to say, "All right, well this afternoon we're going to go do this and prioritise this now, and we'll catch up on that later." But it's also a double-edged sword. There are times when you wake up and you don't want to work and you have to force yourself into it.

Chris: Is there anything that you do in your lifestyle that helps you get to sleep at night or get up in the morning or have a clear mind? What's one of those life hacks that you have?

Tim: Yeah, I guess this was a big one, is in the early days I couldn't switch my head off at night, so I started having a few drinks at night, just to calm it down and go to sleep. You can't sustain that, so I had to develop new ways, and the way I did that was develop routines, make sure that I was exercising, and stick to certain times. That helped me get off to sleep. And actually not kill myself in the process, you know?

Chris: Exercise in the morning or after?

Tim: In the morning. The kids are enough exercise at night.

Chris: What time are you getting up?

Tim: We get up every morning at 6. 6 AM, yeah.

Chris: Late riser, guys. Far out, man.

Tim: No, no, no. 6, yeah. And we're in bed by sort of 10:30 every night.

Chris: Aw, come on.

Tim: Yeah, good laugh.

Chris: 4 AM, dude.

Tim: Oh, really?

Chris: My baby just started getting up at 5:30, took away my 5:00 time, so I had to get up at 4:30 or 4.

Tim: No way, no way. I couldn't survive. I wouldn't be this cheery.

Chris: I don't know what's happened. I'm feeling that I was running more, I'm training for a tough mudder.

Tim: Ah, nice. I did that. I did a tough mudder, they're good.

Chris: So I think it's helping keep me focused and on my training. But hey, it's not about me. Just slipping that in. Cool, man. I love what you're doing. I got a sign up. How do we find you?

Tim: It's a website, it's just It's completely free to sign up. You can start using us and there's no cost or commitment until such time as you win a contract, so give it a go. There's no risk

Chris: Brilliant. Guys, get on that one. They've also got a Facebook page. You can follow them there. We've tagged them in this post, share this out,, Beach City live, we're having some awesome conversations here about work-life balance. You can do this too. You can have the life, you know, balance and work as well as an entrepreneur. Go team. Stay tuned.