Myriad Live 2017 with Ryan Hanly from Travello App

Myriad live with Ryan Hanly from Travello App

Posted by BeachCity on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Video Transcription:

Chris Hogan: G'Day. Still here at Myriad. I'm with Ryan Hanly from Travello.

Ryan Hanly: How are you?

Chris Hogan: Yeah. Good man. Good. Well, I don't know if your guys heard but today is actually going to postponed due to Cyclone Debbie. Thanks, Debbie.

Ryan Hanly: It's not great. It's not real great, unfortunately. It's such a great event ruined by nature but it couldn't be helped I suppose.

Chris Hogan: It's a public safety announcement and, of course, we respect that, so we will all be getting out of here real soon, but back tomorrow for sure. Make sure you follow us at on Facebook. First of all, take a moment to get in touch with Travello and what it's all about. What is Travello?

Ryan Hanly: Yeah. Travello is a mobile app. It's a social network for travellers. Essentially, it's the easiest way to meet travellers in new destinations. Where an app that's available on IOS and Android being used in over a 180 countries and growing really quickly.

Chris Hogan: It's like a social network, per say, but while you're travelling.

Ryan Hanly: Yeah, absolutely. It's about, basically, most social networks are closed environments, so it helps network with people you already know. If you're arriving in a new location your friends on Facebook there all going to be back home. This is about meeting people from outside your network that are in a new location.

Chris Hogan: Great. How long ago did Travello start up?

Ryan Hanly: The idea was about three years ago now but the actual project itself has been out for about two years. We've been around a while.

Chris Hogan: Where about are you based?

Ryan Hanly: We're based in Brisbane in Fortitude Valley. Yeah, we got a little office in there.

Chris Hogan: Beautiful. Just down the road.

Ryan Hanly: Absolutely, just down the road.

Chris Hogan: How do you structure your workforce there? Is it all in house, global, or...? How do you work that out?

Ryan Hanly: Yeah. We recently closed around the funding which led us to really build our team out. It's now seven of us in a little office there in Fortune Valley. Four in the tech team and three across the products. There's never enough people and we are highly under resourced but that's usual sob story for most start-ups.

Chris Hogan: Isn't it. Isn't it. I'm a little bit jealous about the funding thing because I'm doing everything organically and it's hurting like hell. You must of funded yourself to this stage. How did that go?

Ryan Hanly: Yeah, absolutely. I mean for the first 40 months of our life we boot strapped every start-up. We had zero marketing budget and had to be really scrappy with how we got our growth. We definitely went through that stage which wasn't easy but we hacked our way to some pretty good growth. That gave is us the traction that basically, attracted the investment.

Chris Hogan: Excellent. Excellent. Who have you seen here today or who do you want to see? Is there anybody in particular or anything in particular that you want to get out of this event?

Ryan Hanly: Yeah, there was a few people that I was looking forward to seeing but we are actually exhibiting today, so we are over in the other tents. We kind of been stuck there and that got shut down. Then we came over here and everybody's leaving. I've kind of missed a whole heap of people. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.

Chris Hogan: Just a total different question. What's your favourite beach in the world?

Ryan Hanly: Favourite beach in the world? I've been to a few good beaches. I mean there's no place like home. Burleigh Heads is a pretty good one. It's right up there. The funny thing is when you go over seas you're usually pretty disappointed at the beaches because you're like, "This isn't actually as good as the Gold Coast." We went sailing around Croatia and the Mediterranean and you're kind of looking at the beaches going, "You know what Burleigh and Noosa are way better than this." So I'll go with Burleigh. Let's stick local.

Chris Hogan: Beautiful. Beautiful. My home beach. Another thing, how do you think Australia is shaping up in terms of innovation? Are we Red, Amber or a Green light?

Ryan Hanly: Look, I think we want to be green. There's a lot going on around it. I think there's the government and a lot of the structures and support around it their just starting to flow through now. I think the next two to three years is going to be really exciting for the entire ecosystem because there will be a lot of support. There is a hell of a lot of ideas out there. I think I heard yesterday that Queensland is now the second hottest start-up spot besides New South Wales. We've overtaken Victoria's as far as innovation and the number of start-ups. It's definitely on point and a lot of people are into it. I think the next couple of years are going to be really exciting.

Chris Hogan: Do you think we are creating to much, sort of, infighting around who's got the most start-ups, who's the best start-up location? You just mentioned yourself, New South Wales Sydney and whatnot. Do you think we need to band together a bit more or is competition good?

Ryan Hanly: I don't know. I think yeah. I mean, I don't know. That was the first time I had ever even heard that statistic and I never even thought about it before that. I mean competition is good. I know in Brisbane. I can only talk about that ecosystem. It's, absolutely, no competition between the start-ups. It's really friendly ecosystem. Everybody helps each other out. It's a really good community. Yeah. I think that's the most important thing.

Chris Hogan: As long as their all kicking goals. Aye.

Ryan Hanly: Absolutely. Aye. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Everyone wins.

Chris Hogan: Beautiful. One last thing, if you had to make a phone call back to yourself 20 years ago... I don't know if you're that old... and give yourself some advice about business in general. What do you think that would be?

Ryan Hanly: It would be don't wait. Do it now because we sort of had this idea, the idea of our start-up, we had sat around on it for six to nine months before we kind of went, "Should I actually do this?" I think it's about if you come up with the idea get the wheels in motion as quickly as you can.

Chris Hogan: Absolutely. Absolutely. Great advice from Ryan from Travello. Thanks very much for listening guys. Make sure you're liking us on Facebook. Is that in screen?

Ryan Hanly: In screen. You got it.

Chris Hogan: Beautiful. Thanks very much guys and we'll see you back here tomorrow, if not, maybe a few more today. Thanks guys.