Myriad Live 2017 with Macca Reardon 16 yr/o Entrepreneur

16 year old Makka quits high school to lead the startup lifestyle with host StringStory

Posted by BeachCity on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Susanne Nguyen: How tall are you? Yeah. Taller then me. All right, we're just gonna pause a little bit and we'll go action [inaudible 00:00:07]

Mackenzie Reardon: Okay.

Susanne Nguyen: Hi, my name is [Susanne Nguyen 00:11] we're gonna do another round of awesome conversations about beach city and lifestyle entrepreneur. I'm with another young person. Macca, is that right?

Mackenzie Reardon: Yep, Macca.

Susanne Nguyen: What's your real name?

Mackenzie Reardon: My real name is Mackenzie.

Susanne Nguyen: Mackenzie, how did you get the name Macca in the first place.

Mackenzie Reardon: It's through school. High school. Easier to say, I guess. Just a nickname.

Susanne Nguyen: How old are you?

Mackenzie Reardon: I'm 18 now.

Susanne Nguyen: All right cool. In the last [inaudible 00:00:38] you just told me that you love being an entrepreneur. How old were you when you first realised you had that entrepreneur mindset?

Mackenzie Reardon: 14 years old.

Susanne Nguyen: Really?

Mackenzie Reardon: Yeah.

Susanne Nguyen: What did you do at 14?

Mackenzie Reardon: I was told to get a part-time job and I didn't like the idea of that so I got introduced to Alibaba, AliExpress and Ebay.

Susanne Nguyen: From a young age?

Mackenzie Reardon: From a young age.

Susanne Nguyen: Who told you about Alibaba?

Mackenzie Reardon: My dad.

Susanne Nguyen: Really? What does your dad do?

Mackenzie Reardon: My dad's always been trying to get me into that type of stuff. His background is futures.

Susanne Nguyen: Yeah it does help having a futuristic dad.

Mackenzie Reardon: He's back ... you know London and Sydney and then futures closed down, went digital. Started up a bunch of businesses. Now he's working on a business called Shoolzine for 10 years running. Now they've gone global so that's where I sort of get my business ...

Susanne Nguyen: Acumen from ...

Mackenzie Reardon: Influence from.

Susanne Nguyen: Why Sunshine Curse?

Mackenzie Reardon: Why Sunshine Curse? The beach life I guess. It's a very relaxed lifestyle. I've grown up there since ... I'm original from Sydney, but I don't really remember the city life too much. I've been brought up around a beach life.

Susanne Nguyen: Do you feel like it's important to maintain the lifestyle of balance and work.

Mackenzie Reardon: Yeah I guess I'm still learning the whole balanced lifestyle. I recently dropped out of school 2 years ago. So still trying to get an understanding of that, but sunshine curse is very 'lax.

Susanne Nguyen: Relaxed. What are you working on right now?

Mackenzie Reardon: I'm working on a youth startup focused on engaging the disengaged students in school from grade 10 to 12. And show them how they can leverage school and unlock their entrepreneurial spark. So myself going through school I didn't really have that entrepreneurial support from my school. So I'm going back in and doing workshops and boot camps to sort of get them to unlock their ...

Susanne Nguyen: So if you had to have someone ... are you looking for sponsors? Are you looking for investors? What are you working on right ... what's the status of the startup right now?

Mackenzie Reardon: So, currently going through a pivot which is what I just ... let's say a pivot. Our original model was actually paying students and matchmaking them with startups to work with startups.

Susanne Nguyen: But it doesn't seem to be working that way does it?

Mackenzie Reardon: It's a bit bureaucratic. And ...

Susanne Nguyen: It's all right. The whole point of what you're trying to do is you don't have to be an a-plus, book smart student. You could be innovative and creative within these spaces and if you prove you could make money at the same time, high fives.

Mackenzie Reardon: I proved to my parents that I could actually make something happen and then I got to leave school. Now I'm just living the startup journey.

Susanne Nguyen: All right. That's really exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of progress you do. How can people or students connect with you?

Mackenzie Reardon: Students can hit me up on social.

Susanne Nguyen: We'll leave your links into it as well. And what about adults? How can they connect with you?

Mackenzie Reardon: Adults. Through Linkedin, Twitter, or directly through my personal website.

Susanne Nguyen: All right awesome. But, your startup so you should promote your startup. Do you have a website?

Mackenzie Reardon: Yeah it's

Susanne Nguyen: Excellent. Thank you.