Myriad Live 2017 with Luke Anear from SafetyCulture

Myriad live with Luke Anear from SafetyCulture

Posted by BeachCity on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Video Transcription:

Chris: G'Day Australia, we're back big city, live, on Facebook. And I'm here with Luke here, from Safety Culture. Welcome Luke!

Luke: Thank you, certainly!

Chris: How's Myriad Live going for you?

Luke: It's great, wow, it's bustling, like there's so many people here. I heard 2,000 people Thursday, something like, crazy. It's so good to see. People want this, it's like, this has been a long time coming. So, I think we're starting to see, in the next stage of maturity in Queensland for Tech, and there's a lot happening. So, importantly, there's a lot of traction starting to happen. Not just talk, and you know, projects.

Chris: Finally in Queensland, right? I think you and I met about ten years ago. I just recognised you from across the room like, whoa what's your name, whoa, what'd you do? And I'm pretty sure we met in Sydney, and then god damn, I wish there was some events like this in Brisbane ... On the gulf coast, in Queensland ... Finally it's here, huh? Fantastic, aye, it's awesome.

Luke: Yeah it's great, and you know this helps all of us, because you get more people who are aware of what each other's doing. You attract other people into the industry, you know, I think Tech now, it's not just software engineers. It's product managers, it's designers, it's people who know how to run go-to-market strategies, it's all of this stuff. And so, these sorts of things bring everyone together and give people a chance to learn more about what the opportunities are. We could take another 150 people tomorrow if we could find them all. You know, like, it's just that's literally the opportunity in front of us, and it's great to see people starting to think more about it.

Chris: Awesome, awesome. So, Safety Culture started a little while ago, how long ago did it start?

Luke: Started Safety Culture in 2004, really as a small business selling safety docs online. And that's where we met at Surge Marketing Expo Conference, learning all about SEO. And then in 2011-2012, then we built a mobile app, and that changed everything. You know, became the most used checklist app in the world. And we became a Tech company then. So, we went from two staff to a hundred plus, and going strong.

Chris: Hundred plus! And whereabouts are all of these guys based?

Luke: 22 or so in Townsville, 16 now in Sydney, we started in Sydney 2 years ago. We've got about 80 in Kansas doing customer support, a small marketing team down in San Francisco, and support in Manchester in the UK.

Chris: Unbelievable!

Luke: It's been crazy.

Chris: A global business ... So, how do you guys stay connected? What's the one tool that I guess unites your whole team?

Luke: Google Hangouts, we use. Yep, every office has Google Hangouts in Chrome Box, and you just organise your meetings through Google Calendar, and away you go. So, that's what we use.

Chris: Brilliant, brilliant team! So mate, I know you started awhile ago, but maybe there was a time, you know, before that where you could've given yourself a phone call, what was that uh... 13 years ago you started. But maybe if we said, 20 years ago, if you could've given yourself a phone call and given yourself a piece of advice about entrepreneurship or running a business, what would that advice be?

Luke: Uh, wow, good question. Focus on the thing that matters most. Work out what your number one priority is, an go after that. And everything else, that's just kinda noise. Just don't get drawn into the other stuff. Know what the most important thing is, and go after it. Chris Rowe from Invoice To Go said to me you if you'd ever do this again, first person you'd hire would be a recruiter. And then he'd say I need one of these, one of these, and go find the best people. I think there's a lot of wisdom in that. So you know, finding great people ... You know, when you first start you're just happy to have anyone right? Someone's gonna help me do this? Awesome. And, you gotta get past that point, where you actually get people who are really good at certain skills. Find out what you're not good at, and get other people, and you know, all of that sort of stuff.

Chris: Cool, and you're from Cairns, that's where you started?

Luke: Townsville.

Chris: Townsville, sorry. North Queensland, you know. Did you come off a bit of hammering, just recently, with Debbie?

Luke: We dodged it. We nearly caught it, then it went south. So it's been incredible to see the damage down there, phenomenal.

Chris: Yeah, well, good dodge. But you know, let me inquire then, you must have a favourite beach, maybe in Queensland, but maybe in the world, I know you're a bit of a global resident now.

Luke: Zoey Bay, on Hinchinbrook Island, very hard to get to. Only 35 people at a time allowed on Hinchinbrook Island. It's a whole island of national parks. 70 kilometres long. Zoey Bay, waterfall, go up the top of that, there's a little natural rock pool. Sitting there with a glass of wine on sunset, and look straight out over the ocean towards the reef ... Doesn't get much better than that.

Chris: Holy cow, that's a bit of a secret for you. A bit of a secret spot for you global entrepreneurs, yeah if you come into Queensland, maybe you can setup shop just out of the rock pool, working!

Luke: Internet is still a bit patchy there, so you probably want to bring your cell phone, but I'm sure there will be a way to work from there pretty soon.

Chris: How do you balance life and keep a clear mind, you know? When you're running 100+ people in your business, how do you stay healthy in mind?

Luke: Badly ... No, it's hard. I think initially you just get caught up in all of the things to do, and then you gotta step back and go okay, how do I allocate my time most effectively? For me, learning the difference between being busy and being effective, that's probably the game changer. It's easy to be busy, but not easy to be effective. And so, finding that balance, taking time out, I mountain bike ride 3 days of the week if I can, and then once a quarter try to take 4-5 days across a weekend, 2 or 3 days off work. Just try to have some downtime as people. But it's hard, you know, but you go through different stages. I don't think it's about balance, as much for me it's about cycling up and cycling down.

Chris: Literally.

Luke: Yeah, right, mountain bike, but literally, you go through periods where it's just mad, you just have so much that has to happen, and it all has to happen now. And then you go on the other side of that and you go all right, I'm actually gonna leave work a few days at 4pm. And I'm just gonna actually recharge the batteries.

Chris: So there's an awareness about when you're not being productive, and it's just like, you know what? I don't want to be here. I just can't think, or I have too much going through my head. I have to leave. Is that kind of the mentality sometimes? I just gotta leave now.

Luke: Oh yeah, sure! Yeah you just get to a point where you think why the hell am I doing this? But for me it's never been a balance, I don't know how I could ever find the perfect balance.

Chris: No.

Luke: It's all about riding the ups and the downs, knowing that nothing is permanent, if it's going awesome right now, it's not gonna last. If it's going really bad right now, it's also not gonna last. And so, just knowing that, nothing is permanent, and we're climbing Mount Everest, and so this is gonna be the hardest thing we've ever done. Also, exhilarating, exhausting, and hopefully fulfilling along the way. Yeah, that's what we signed up for so try to make the most of it.

Chris: Absolutely unbelievable advice, there from Luke there, thanks so much man! Good to see you. Far out, what a long time it's been. Cheers! Anyway, hope you're watching, stay tuned on Beach City Live.

Luke: How many people have we got? One, one person! They'll watch it later.

Chris: One person watching right now, but uh absolutely, if you guys share it out. I'm sure there will be more.

Luke: Share this, guys, come on, get the word out!

Chris: And make sure you share it too! Thanks guys.