Myriad Live 2017 with Justis Blackwell from Zonar Life Shield

Myriad live with Justis Blackwell from Zonar Life Shield

Posted by BeachCity on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Video Transcription:

Chris: Here we are back at Beach City live on Facebook, and we're here live, of course. We're in the exhibition tent, I think, but basically there's some really cool products in here. I have Justis from ZonarLifeShield with me. How are you, Justis?

Justis: Hey, I'm doing great, man. How about yourself?

Chris: Awesome, man. Having a super fun time. Man, what is this cool piece of equipment you've got here?

Justis: I tell you what, man. It's all about saving families, getting them home at night. 360 Road Safety is a road safety device that goes on the front and back of all vehicles, vans, trucks, motorcycles. It basically gives people 360 degree road safety intel. In other words, if there's a kangaroo on the road up ahead, our device will tell you, "Kangaroo up ahead in 100 metres. Truck approaching from behind. Alert, car changing lanes."

Chris: Wow. Wow. How did you come to start this project?

Justis: Well, during last year, I was knocked off my motorcycle. A lady failed to give way, and she broke my back in half and snapped my leg. Yeah, seven surgeries later to save my leg, and I've lost five uncles. I've lost my brother. I've lost my best friends, all because people failed to give them their right of way. You know, basically cut them off, didn't see them. I was laying in hospital, and I said to my mom. I'm like, "We got to end this, man. This problem's just way too big." That's how it came about, man.

Chris: Wow, so do you think if you had had this piece of equipment, where would it have been mounted on your bike?

Justis: Under the forks or on the mudguard, front and back. As far as in a car of like the lady who hit me, it would have been just under her front lights or your park lights, and under the back under her brake lights. She would have been notified. I would have been notified. No blind spots.

Chris: Great, so it's an audio notification?

Justis: Yes, it is. Yeah. For those who have audio despaired, despaired, impaired rather, they get a visual cue, so it's like a big LCD screen that alerts you with vibrations.

Chris: Whoa, cool. How long's this product been out?

Justis: Well, we just launched it last Thursday, man, so you're seeing it here for the first time. Myriad Live has been our platform to showcase it and get it out there. But for now, we're really looking to take it to a whole nother level, and that's why we're here.

Chris: That's so cool, man. I don't ride a motorcycle, but obviously I drive a car, so you know-

Justis: You know what, man? It applies to cars, and more so than motorcycles, because essentially it's the cars that cause damage to the motorcycles. You know, if we've all got it, then everyone's safe, you know?

Chris: Beautiful. Beautiful. How did you start this? Were you bootstrapping yourself, or have you got some funding? What's going on?

Justis: Bootstrapping at the moment, so family and friends have got in behind it, invested in it. We've got a few interests at the moment from a venture capital space, taking a real solid interest, mostly because we complement market leaders of this technology. We work alongside them, and they're really inspired by the mission, the reason, because we're on a mission to prevent 10 million road-related accidents worldwide. These big market leaders of some of the technologies are real keen to work with us, so it makes it a lot easier to get places when you're working with people as opposed to against them sort of thing.

Chris: I just love that you're solving real problems, you know? That's what, I guess, being an entrepreneur is really ... the crux of being an entrepreneur is all about. People love it when people solve real life problems. Man, what a mission. You've come back. You're standing. I bet you're just happy to be here.

Justis: Yeah. I sure am, man. Life is a precious thing. I've got two beautiful sons, and I've got a wonderful lady. The way I see it, life is that every day could be your last, so give it your best, you know? Show up. Give your best and fullest. Right now, I'm showing my sons that, despite my circumstances, I'm getting up and I'm giving it my best and fullest, man, so here we are.

Chris: Awesome, man. Oh, man, I bet you your sons are so proud of you. I am. That's fricking awesome. What's the lifestyle like now? Can you get out and about? Can you enjoy what Australia has to offer? Do you have a favourite beach?

Justis: Yeah, mate. Things are just a bit slower than normal, but I get to most places and where most people can go. I'm not as good in the sack as I used to be, but apparently that's all our problem as we age. Yeah, I'm getting better on all fronts.

Chris: Can you get down to the beach at all? Like what-

Justis: Yeah, man. Yeah.

Chris: Do you have difficulties?

Justis: I love the beach. My feet love being in the sand. For some reason, it just provides a lot of relief. The salt water really helps with all my skin grafts and all my wounds and that. Yeah, I love the beach a lot, man. Yeah.

Chris: What's your favourite beach?

Justis: It would have to be Currimundi Lakes in the Sunshine Coast. Yeah, good family beach, good safe place to swim. Yeah, yeah, nice spot.

Chris: How are you balancing life and work at the moment?

Justis: Well, it's really crazy because I'm still off work injured, and the reason I'm here is really just to take a few hours here in [inaudible 00:05:23] to showcase what we're doing, working alongside the likes of Queensland WorkCover and people like that to just prevent accidents like this happening again, you know? Yeah, just working on getting back to work, mate.

Chris: Good, good, good. Right, and so how do people find you? What's the website?

Justis: Basically they'd go to Anzi's spelled A-N-Z, like Australia and New Zealand, and I for intelligence, so

Chris: Cool. Make sure you check that out, guys. Solving real problems. Well done, Justis. Put it there, man.

Justis: All right, brother.

Chris: Woo. Share it out. See you soon.