Myriad Live 2017 with Jacinta and Dakota O'Shea and Brayden Munro from QuickGigs

Myriad live with Jacinta and Dakota O'Shea and Brayden Munro from QuickGigs

Posted by BeachCity on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Video Transcription:

Chris: Good Day. We are live again at [Myriad 00:00:03] and I have with me [Dakota 00:00:05], [Brayden 00:00:06] and [Jucinta 00:00:07] from Quick Gigs. Welcome guys!

Brayden: Thank you. We're very happy to be here.

Chris: This is going to be fun. I think this is the biggest one I've done on the little tiny camera so far. Whereabout are you guys based location wise?

Jucinta: Sunshine Coast.

Dakota: Yeah.

Brayden: There you go.

Chris: Awesome. Awesome. What's the job titles here.

Jucinta: I'm part of the business end and the marketing.

Chris: Yep.

Brayden: I run business in IT.

Dakota: I do the same as Jucinta.

Chris: Is this your business?

Brayden: Yeah.

Chris: Are you co-founders?

Brayden: Co-founders. Exactly.

Chris: Co-founders times three.

Brayden: There's actually two more of us. There's five of us.

Chris: Holy Cow.

Brayden: Big team, I know.

Jucinta: So, we won the youth [inaudible 00:00:49] on the Sunshine coast last year with our concept Quick Gig and we formed a group of five and with that group we are still continuing on.

Chris: So you are all bootstrapping it together?

Jucinta: Yeah.

Chris: Is that how it's working out?

Brayden: Yep.

Chris: Or did that prize that you won help with some funding or anything?

Brayden: No. So, the prize was actually a meeting with Steve [Baxter 00:01:13] which was great. We got to find out what it's like having a full sit down with an actual investor and it definitely taught us a lot.

Chris: Cool. Cool. Operating from the Sunshine coast, which part of the Sunny Coast?

Brayden: Actually we are based at Spark Bureau on Ocean street, there you go.

Chris: What suburb?

Brayden: Myaroochydore.

Chris: Myaroochydore. Beautiful. Do you guys get to the beach much?

Jucinta: Yeah.

Dakota: Yeah. Yeah.

Brayden: Of Course.

Chris: What is your favourite beach to go to?

Dakota: Mooloolaba or Cotton Tree. It's up there.

Chris: Beautiful, and you Brayden?

Brayden: I like [Petina 00:01:44]

Chris: And yours?

Jucinta: We actually live next to the beach at [Watella 00:01:48] so it's very peaceful and less people, so it's really good.

Chris: Awesome. Awesome. What inspired Quick Gigs.

Brayden: We went to start up weekend and everyone is pitching ideas and we were just sitting there just chatting away. We have never met each other before and we were kind of snowballing ideas and Kira, one of our other teammates, said "I'm a musician, I'd love to get gigs." And I just took that idea and we fire worked it into what it is today which is an app that connects musicians and venues together simply by the tap of a finger.

Chris: Cool. Back to those roles. If that happened at a start up weekend, do you have a programmer on your team? Who's ...

Brayden: That's me. I'm the programming guy, but we also are very fortunate in out other member, Tanya, she is a graphic designer and so she helped us immensely that weekend and made everything look pretty basically so that was very very fortunate.

Chris: You are all similar ages?

Brayden: Yes. I'm 18, They are both 16, 17 yeah.

Chris: Ooh! Wild ride getting into entrepreneurship early! Do you wish you had started early? Probably not. That's a silly joke. What's something you want to share with the world about what it's been like for you starting up?

Jucinta: I feel like at the Sunshine coast, it really sponsor entrepreneurial as well as young people to get out there and do as much as you can, so with our school, they hugely helped us. We've advertised there to make sure everyone knows about it and it's really good opportunity at a really young age to be able to get out there and we were able to get to here for the sponsorship from the thing that we won, so it's really good for us.

Chris: Cool. So you've got a fair bit of PR. Is that right?

Jucinta: Yeah.

Chris: So, what's your role Dakota?

Dakota: I'm doing the marketing and business with Jucinta. I basically run the Facebook page and I try to put posts every so often, but lately we kind of stuck in our business so I haven't been able to update it lately.

Chris: What are you stuck in?

Dakota: Currently we are trying to figure out how to create the application.

Brayden: We are doing a full refresh. Essentially it was going to be a website. It was going to be us operating things manually, just kind of baby step things and then we want to progress to the app and now we are taking that back and we are going "okay, App is the fist thing." I'm going to sit down and I'm going to code the hell out of it and get something working and then we can then port that to a website if we need to. I can set the parameters up so they change based on if you are viewing from a browser or viewing from a phone and hopefully get something out as soon as possible that people can start using.

Chris: So, have you got any customers yet? Have you created any sales, any revenue yet?

Jucinta: We haven't created any sales but we have got musicians. We have over a hundred musicians that have committed and when we are able to get the app we can message them and be like "Hey, here's the app. You can log on" and then we are getting venues as well. We are starting at a rural area like Sunshine coast and then we are going to expand it to Brisbane and other places as well.

Brayden: It's very similar to Uber's scheme where we are starting in Sunshine Coast because we are very fortunate in the fact that they promote live music, they have a tonne of musicians, its the perfect destination kind of. We are going to start there, grow it, move to Brisbane, grow it, then move to Queensland, grow it and that kind of thing. Jump from place to place to place.

Chris: Cool. I guess being so young, do you have to worry about jobs as well as developing and all that sort of stuff?

Brayden: Yeah.

Chris: Is living at home actually helping support that challenge that you are undertaking right now.

Jucinta: So, me and Kira are still in school, so we are in year. It's very hard to finish exams, try to get a job for Uni and then pay for our unit as well as sort out our business, but we are really passionate about continuing this because we really like the outcomes of our ideas.

Chris: Is Uni a must? You have to do Uni now that you've started this or?

Jucinta: Yes.

Brayden: That's actually me at the moment. I moved out of the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane. I'm now studying engineering at QT trying to do computer software engineering and now I have to juggle that around getting with these guys and doing the business. It's very very full on weeks.

Chris: Is Uni helping teach some practical skills or is it the theory and then you are applying it to your app business?

Dakota: I kind of only still go to school.

Chris: Is that the plan though? We've got this practical problem we've got to solve, maybe university can help me with the theory? Is that right?

Jucinta: Yeah.

Dakota: Yeah. Currently actually [inaudible 00:06:43] have found that our business and our accounting classes have helped us through and helped us how to like start a company, how to do the asserts and liabilities.

Chris: Do you think you would be as interested or engaged in those subjects if you didn't have this project this app? For example, if it was all theory and no practical application do you think you would be as engaged.

Jucinta: Probably not because we were told from a business teacher, "Hey, you should go to the Youth Start Up weekend. None of my students have ever gone before." She was like, "You should try it out, see how it goes, see if you like it and stuff and we went and had no idea what it was about. It was like, okay, it's for three days and you have to do some sort of pitch. We're like, Okay, we'll just go and then we met everyone and then we actually won it. For her, it was really exciting for her to see that we had won it and so she has helped us continue on and encouraged us and given us opportunities to advertise as much as we can with her connexions and stuff, so it's really good.

Chris: Brilliant. Brilliant. Look. Hat's off to you guys. Well done. Well done for stepping up to the mark and giving a project a go. What's the hardest part? Sometimes it's just starting right?

Have you got a support network around you other than teachers?

Brayden: Yeah. We are very very fortunate being based at Spark Beuroau we have that support from that incubator, but also the Sunshine Coast, great area, there are 1,000 in a Silicon coast Facebook page where we are all either have ideas, we are in teams, we are just chipping away at things and everyone just posts and helps each other out. It's a great community to be a part of and it's definitely helped us out quite a bit.

Chris: So glad to see, C'mon guys. Fist bump, fist bump. Whoot. So you can get started early guys. I think there is opportunity for all of you out there and hey, go to a start up weekend and come up with an idea, get some founders. Five! That's a lot! Well done Well done,

Brayden: Thank you.

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