Myriad Live 2017 with David Lloyd-Lewis from The FolkTale App

Myriad live with David Lloyd-Lewis from @TheFolkTaleApp

Posted by BeachCity on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Video Transcription:

Chris: Good day. We're back at, and we're here at Myriad live for day two, the last day. And I'm here with David, from Folktale app. The Folktale app.

David: The Folktale app. Yup, the Folktale app. User-generated video content.

Chris: Awesome. Awesome. And how are you finding the event, so far?

David: Myriad has been ... Aside from the early finish yesterday, unexpectedly, Myriad has been sensational. I think it's important for a city like Brisbane to be put on the map for the ... I guess that collision space puts them in the entrepreneur ... the corporate space and the investor.

Chris: Cool. And who have you been colliding with that's really, I guess, blown your bubble?

David: I've found it very, very valuable in terms of, just that sense of community between other entrepreneurs, as well. I think there's a lot of people who treading the same journey. And one of the things that I've found hugely, hugely valuable is connecting with other entrepreneurs and sort of feeling that I'm not on that island all by myself. As well as that, we've been doing some validation and some user testing on our MVP here as well, which has been great to get feedback and get your feelings hurt a little bit on that sad of things, so.

Chris: Cool. So what is the Folktale app?

David: Folktale is an all-in-one mobile app that puts the power of a film director in your pocket. So it's good towards making video easier, simpler, quicker and cheaper to produce. As well as providing brands a platform for somewhat curated user-generated content.

Chris: Great. Okay. And what about it makes it easier than maybe pulling out the big handy cam?

David: Well, for one, on all mobile device, each story is crafted by creative directors, film directors. It tells you what to shoot and how to shoot it, basically.

Chris: Okay. And does it help with any of the bump, the shakiness, steadying, or anything like that? Or what's a feature about it that, I guess me as a film creator would absolutely go, "Oh yeah. That's a no-brainer.".

David: Okay. I think part of the ... The key for people who haven't created a lot of video before, is you've got those main points of time, budget, and the technical, which is framing composition and I guess how shots work together. So Folktale will stitch that all automatically for you. If you want to be a little bit creative and sort of play around with the order of your shots, you definitely can. But the average time for one of the story templates in Folktale is well under five minutes now.

Chris: Great. Great. Great. And so where abouts did you start this [inaudible 00:02:42]?

David: So we're a BlueChilli portfolio company. We were based in Brisbane up until about January. We've recently moved to Sydney, as we're [inaudible 00:02:53].

Chris: Okay. Cool. Cool. And what's been the best part of starting the business?

David: It's our second rodeo. So we own a film production company also. So our focus really kind of was a technical solution for a problem that we had in a very, very human capital-based business. We found that the traditional film production company couldn't scout to the level that we wanted to on a sustainable level, with trends being sort of going more towards user-generated content, we know that these sort of brands have this desire to connect with this millennial audience. But under the traditional agency, model agency, they can't sustain the content demand, quite simply. So that's the real satisfying thing for us, to see Folktale sort of come to life, is that we know there are stories that aren't going untold.

Chris: Great. That's great. I'm in a media agency as well. We produce heaps of film. And yeah, I guess we got the same issues, so I totally get it. What about your life? Is it that helps you stay focused, keep a clear mind. How do you balance the work life?

David: I'm not entire sure I'm the right man to ask that question to. I don't rather feel like I've got a grasp on any type balance or anything like that. I think that's part of the journey is surrounding yourself with great people. We've managed to do that obviously with our first business, is surround ourself with a [inaudible 00:04:22] team. At the moment, my co-founder Sarah Mack and I are throwing everything into Folktale. We really, really believe that that's where the future of content is going to be. We've seen that there's such a boost of engagement in ... You would know as a producer yourself that the audience is engaging far more in the content that they create themselves than the content that we as creative directors are uploading in front of them. It's authentic, it's genuine, and it comes from a place of sort of true, organic groundswell.

Chris: Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, I think we're really into that authentic film production, that authentic story, like you just said. And if we could produce it ourselves or produce it on a iOS device or android, as well? Or just iOS at the moment?

David: Currently only in MVP stage, so just on iOS for the moment. Probably ... Let's call it conservatively three months away from an android launch, which would be very, very exciting. As with anything, still a few kinks to twine out. But all part of the fun, all part of the journey.

Chris: Cool. So how's Australia going in terms of innovation? Are we a red amber or a green, do you think?

David: Look. It's a really, really difficult question. I would give us the ember. I would say that ... And it's probably worth noting as well, my co-founder is Canadian. And so we do have ... Aside from the great support that we get from BlueChilli, we also have a great level of mentorship and support from the university of Waterloo in Canada. And we're still away behind them, but I think that we've got the right focus. I feel like we're doing the right things in order to succeed.

Chris: Great. Great. Mate, it's been absolutely fantastic talking to you, David. What are you looking forward to seeing? Anybody? Anything?

David: At the moment, I think we've got a couple hours left of sessions. I'll probably just jump back in the app and sort of familiarise myself with the rest of the day's programme. But, looking forward to a casual beer at the end of the day, and definitely meeting a few new friends, potential partners down at the bar later on.

Chris: Collisions. Collisions. At Myriad Live in Brisbane. Power house, last day today. If you didn't make it, hopefully these interviews make you feel like you've been here with us. It's been a fantastic ride. Not over yet. Still heaps more to come. Make sure you share us on You'll find us there. Share it out to your friends. I'm sure they'll love it too. Cheers.