Myriad Live 2017 with Darren Tonkin from Storyboard Social

Myriad live with Darren Tonkin from Storyboard Social

Posted by BeachCity on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Video Transcription:

Chris: And we're back, Beach City Life. Wait a minute, we're not on. Wait a minute, we are, hang on. I think I'm used to having this in my ear.

Darren Tonkin: Can hear it.

Chris: Too many wires.

Darren Tonkin: This is a bit of the fun, right?

Chris: Yeah, here we go. There we go, edited live.

Darren Tonkin: Add spice to it, that's what I like, right?

Chris: Oh man, this is full of bloopers. Darren Tonkin from Startup Social, welcome.

Darren Tonkin: How are you, mate?

Chris: Very good, good.

Darren Tonkin: It's beautiful, in Queensland.

Chris: Yeah, it's beautiful inside, in Queensland. Debbie does myriad, right?

Darren Tonkin: Yeah.

Chris: Cyclone Debbie, thanks very much. But honestly it's still an awesome vibe inside, I don't think anyone really wants to go home.

Darren Tonkin: They're making alarm sounds. I think trying to set the fire alarm off to keep people out the door. Everyone's just here and networking. I think the urgency is actually good, cause maybe we'd be less shy, right, so instead of standing back, being like, "I'm gonna go talk to them later" they're like, "We've got to talk before mid day, go and talk." So I've networked like I haven't before, cause I knew I had this timeline, so its been amazing.

Chris: Where in the world are you from, Darren?

Darren Tonkin: So look, I'm Brisbane based now with Storyboard, but I just got off the plane late yesterday from London, so I've been over there. QT CA has this amazing new partnership that was helping organise with Virgin Startups. So I've just come back from the first ever non-UK based startup to go to the Virgin Startup Boot Camp. That was phenomenal. So, CA, it could've been because Australia's just negotiated that. So, I got amazingly hooked up. I've been working with Virgin, Singapore Airlines, two amazing things. I tell you what, I actually learned something, this isn't a plug. Normally I travel budget ... and then flying Singapore Airlines, the difference between flying the budget and the high class, blows your mind. I could could get there and function. I got back, what? 12 hours ago? And I'm fully functional. Just the difference, it's ... yah.

Chris: Yes!

Darren Tonkin: I'm converted.

Chris: Yah, now you can't go back, right?

Darren Tonkin: No. That's the problem, right? So, yah it's good. But yah, it's phenomenal.

Chris: There you go, there you go. Important tip for balancing that life and balancing that brain space is, hey maybe try those extra bucks and lay down on your flight. Why not?

Darren Tonkin: Hey, I changed my ticket three times. I was over there and I had a meeting with the leader of Virgin Global Branding, and I changed my ticket, ten minutes later changed. So, you know - that's just a minor thing ... these amazing things, but ... yah.

Chris: Did you have any problems sleeping on the plane?

Darren Tonkin: No, not at all. Just in there, out and then back up at the next airport. It was just meetings, cause even when I was in Singapore for four hours ... who you meet on the plane and in the airport, and just some of the most amazing things. Completely side topic, but I met the most amazing old gentleman there and he's had an impact on our startup. He's coming to Australia now. He's coming in to spend three days in our office, to give perspective from his age group. Cause, he gave us some feedback that no one's thrown our way. This is and eighty two year old man, who's actually using his wife's old phone. He can't even use it and ... outputs, right.

Chris: Okay, we need to give you some context around what is Storyboard Social then?

Darren Tonkin: Storyboard Social, it's quite a unique, you know ... I guess from the social media blogging space. What we do is we bring your photos, and in seconds we can completely map out a journey. We can provide context, deeper level context than blogging or vlogging. We allow you to really understand, to step into the shoes of the content creator. Essentially our buzz line ... you can go back and see everything I did in London, like I was there. It takes ten, fifteen seconds to create. You know where I was, what I was doing, who I was doing it with, the surroundings that's in the vibe, and everything. So, it's a really fast and essentially micro blogging tool, and then embed it and share it to Facebook, view it on our platform, and experience the journey with us.

Chris: Awesome, Awesome. So what kind of tech do we need to do that with?

Darren Tonkin: Essentially, as a new user you just download the app, Storyboard Social or Storyboard IOS and Android. Then all you need are photos, just snap your photos normally on any camera you want, put em' in, we can pull that out and we'll map it out for you just like that. That's the secret, right? People want content creation like that [finger snaps]. I love Snapchat, every other Snapchat like feature out there these days, but it's a different form of content. We create this sort of more lasting experiential content, More like blogging and vlogging than just an individual photo or snap ... Different platforms, different area, different outtakes. Were sort of filling a niche, so were getting a very wide range of users. Were in twenty five different countries now and some of the older generation, the grey nomads and these older people relate to it, because it's a mapping based system. Where, they get pushed out of the Snapchats and the Instagram Stories, because it's a different sort of genre. And then we get the lower, younger age people, who just want to share and communicate as well.

Chris: Awesome, Awesome.

Darren Tonkin: Its starting a new world.

Chris: So, your the founder?

Darren Tonkin: Yah, I'm the founder.

Chris: How long ago did this start up?

Darren Tonkin: We've just hit eleven months.

Chris: What? Wait a minute, wait a minute, so your flying around the world, business class ... okay, how did you start? How did you get to this?

Darren Tonkin: Well, my story, buzz line, everything ... the word " story" is being killed these days. So look, it started ... I identified the problem. Two catalysts, I was in Brazil. My grandad became terminally ill and he wanted to know what I was doing, tried Facebook albums, tried vlogging, blogging. It was taking way to much time, every day to blog or vlog, to share back to my granddad and Facebook albums ... He said some of these words, "Darren, I can see your f-ing photo sitting here on my mantel. I don't want to see you some where, I want to know the whole journey of what your doing. Not just standing in Rio, I want to know, everything, where you were before and after." So with him, we came up with a concept.

Same time ... so, connecting back with family, there is an underprivileged woman in Brazil and her family. They took me .. I got to go spend a day with them and I was like, "Wow. The world needs to know what your day is like." Cause, do you know what your friend's Mum, Dad, Anya's day is actually like? How do you communicate if they tell you. We're too busy these days, we see it in 10 second snaps, but to recreate this whole visual experience is so important.

So, I came back, with time of studying. I was at uni and I did an internship, and I said "I'm working twenty hours on an internship for somebody I don't love, and I have this thing that I love". And, I made the jump. Until a couple weeks ago, I'd say that was the hardest thing of entrepreneurship, is when you go out there and tell the world, "this is me". My mates call me "Storyboard" now. Everything I do, every shirt. I don't know if you can see it, every shirt is branded. It's cheaper to get your own branded shirts than it is to buy them from Kmart.

Chris: Is it?

Darren Tonkin: It is. One hundred percent, mate! If you know how to shop around, I can get, you know.

Chris: All right. Okay, mate that's fantastic, to do something your passionate about. Your living the story. Given that your a world traveller now, what's your favourite beach in the world?

Darren Tonkin: Favourite beach? I would love, Northern Brazil. Northern Brazil, the Northeast, they call it "Nordeste". I love it. It's relaxed, the people are different, they're happy. They just want to hug you, give you a drink, have a chat with you on the beach.

Chris: fala português?

Darren Tonkin: Yah. Eu falo português.

Chris: [foreign language 00:07:40]

Darren Tonkin: [foreign language 00:07:42] so, yah. It's awesome. The startup everyone thinks is the destination, right? They think of an exit. It's the journey. It honestly, it is getting there, the rooms, the people I get in the room, the people I talk to, like your self, is amazing me. That is it. It's connexions you build and it's awesome, man. One minute ... two days ago I was in Northern Scotland, working as business Scotland. Now, I'm here in Brisbane.

Chris: The same weather!

Darren Tonkin: Exactly! It was beautiful! It was sunny in Scotland and I'm here in Queensland and we're the Sunshine State, but ...

Chris: It's sunny one minute, pissin' down the next, you know what I'm saying? That is what it's like livin' in the tropics. So, where is your team based? Where abouts are they?

Darren Tonkin: Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, so we're based here. Australian devs ... that's the important part. We will be going over seas and we're looking at places where to start. We're looking at bringing more people on. We'll always have a presence here in Brisbane, essentially the head office doesn't have to be where the most people are it's just got to be, you know? ... That's always gonna be here. The world is our oyster. The great thing about tech is it doesn't matter where the hell you are in the world. Fire up your laptop and internet connexion, that's where it is. People ask me, "where do you live?", I say "where the plane lands". Cause, right now, where the plane touches down and someone stamps my passport is where I live.

Chris: Can I ask how old you are?

Darren Tonkin: I'm twenty four.

Chris: Right. So, Do you wish you'd started sooner?

Darren Tonkin: Yah. Look, yes. I wish I'd started a little bit sooner, but I also think it's a fine balance between starting ... there's a pressure, and a lot of pressure, I know a lot of young school based entrepreneurs. Great. Different things to different people. You need to have your childhood, you need to have that freedom, that time. A lot of stress and a lot of pressure goes into it. Depends on the person. That's why I had a little gap between when I came up with the idea of Storyboard and when I actually started pushing it, because you need to be ready yourself. A startup, and building a business, it's your life.

Chris: Great life tips, here from Darren Tonkin from Storyboard. Sorry, Storyboard? Yah. Storyboard Social. I got it! Storyboard. Beautiful, well thanks so much, man. It's been a pleasure talking to you.

Darren Tonkin: Thank you!

Chris: We're gonna catch up, we're gonna do some more chatting around, even if we don't get it on camera. But, make sure you like us on Facebook. Beach City Life. Make sure you like Storyboard Social too. We'll tag them in this post.

Darren Tonkin: You can download it, IOS and Android now. Actually if you download it-

Chris: Doesn't miss an opportunity, does he? I've got the mic, see I've got the mic.

Darren Tonkin: I've got a special. If you download it, and message us on Facebook saying that through Beach City you saw us and you downloaded the app, we'll give you a premium account. That will last for life. So you'll get all these unlimited features which in the future people will pay for. You'll get unlimited access, everything like that. So, you download the app, sign up, come to our Facebook page, say you saw us on Beach City and we will give you this unlimited access which companies and businesses will be paying for in the future and even possibly. So, unlimited access guys.

Chris: There you go, guys. Right here at Beach City. Thanks so much man, that's an awesome value.