Myriad Live 2017 with Audrey Melnik from Funnel Ventures

Myriad live with Audrey Melnik from Funnel Ventures

Posted by BeachCity on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Video Transcription:

Chris: We're now live. We're live and we're back at and I'm here wit Audrey Melnik from Funnel Ventures.

Audrey: Hey Chris.

Chris: How're you doing?

Audrey: Great. How are you?

Chris: Good. Good. I've gotta get used to doing this thing like this.

Audrey: Oh. Right. (laughs)

Chris: So, that means-

Audrey: Mic check (laughs)

Chris: Yeah. Okay, so, you've been in the VIP lounge and you're supposed to be speaking. What's going on?

Audrey: Yeah, I'm speaking tomorrow

Chris: Ahhh, lucky, lucky, lucky. ... So, the weather is not affecting you, hopefully. Fingers crossed?

Audrey: Yeah, I mean it's been pretty wet out there. When I went to get breakfast I was practically swimming on the road there but, um (laughs)- But, I got here so-

Chris: Where about in the world are you from?

Audrey: That's a good question. I think I'm probably a global citizen now. (laughs) I'm born and bred in Melbourne and I've lived in New York and Tel Aviv and, now, in San Francisco.

Chris: Okay, so given that you're a global citizen, where's your favourite beach in the world?

Audrey: My favourite beach is actually Surfer's Paradise Beach where I've just spent the last couple weeks.

Chris: You obviously got good weather (laughs)

Audrey: Yeah, the first week was amazing weather. It was a little bit rainy and overcast the next week but, it's the best beach for walking because it's super flat and you can just walk forever.

Chris: And, it's super long.

Audrey: Yeah (laughs)

Chris: I actually don't know how long it is. It's [inaudible 00:01:31] announcements. So, apart from that, you're a global citizen. What's your role at Funnel Ventures?

Audrey: Should we stop the recording right now?

Chris: They're just telling people that they need to go home but, we're being rebels and uh-

Audrey: You can just edit this out.

Chris: No. We're live! We don't edit.

Audrey: Oh, we're live? Oh, great. (laughs)

Chris: Okay, we're waiting, waiting. Thank you. Thank you. Okay, so back to questions-

Audrey: Yeah

Chris: What was I asking? I don't know.

Audrey: What do I do at Funnel Ventures?

Chris: Yes

Audrey: I'm the head honcho. (laughs)

Chris: Head honcho. Did you really want to put that on your business card?

Audrey: No, no, no.

Chris: What about like whip cracker?

Audrey: Yeah. That would be good. Yeah, no. So, I'm the founder of Funnel Ventures and what we do is we work with startups, we're a consulting company. And, basically, I've developed this methodology called Funnel Hacking which is all about increasing conversions in customer value all the way through the funnel, But, doing it in a way that empowers your non-technical team members to experiment and iterate without developer involvement. Which, as we all know, the developer backlog is a big problem for, pretty much, every startup.

Chris: What is that in layman's? Cause, that way really awesome. I can tell you've studied your 20 second pitch. Is that, basically, improve sales?

Audrey: So, if you take a beta basis startup- They often have to get customers to discover their startup but, that's not the end of their journey. They need to get them to sign up for the trial and then convince them that this is something that's worth paying for and getting them to that point where they're able to pay. So, there are all these different tools out there that are fit for purpose to help you along that journey and help you with like onboarding workflows, and help documents, and in app messaging, and pop-ups, and emails, and text, and all those different tools. And, most startups just don't know which ones to choose, or how to use them effectively, how to integrate them into their app and in together with the other tools. And so, Funnel Hacking is all about solving that.

Chris: Beautiful, beautiful. Now, I get it. So uh, I guess you're not an investment company. You're more like a-

Audrey: Not at this stage

Chris: Not at this- Okay. Cause the-

Audrey: Always an aspirational name, right? [inaudible 00:04:04] too. (laughs)

Chris: Beautiful. And, where is your team based?

Audrey: Uh, so, in San Francisco but also I'm talking with some people in Australia to come on board so, we'll see how it goes.

Chris: Are you gonna ship 'em over or you gonna let them work-

Audrey: No. Remote work is, you know, always doable. Plus, I have potential clients in Australia as well so, we'll see what happens with that.

Chris: Remote work. What's your number one tool for keeping the team all on page?

Audrey: I think Asana is really great and slack.

Chris: I have good slack.

Audrey: That's great.

Chris: It's so simple, right? (laughs)

Audrey: Yeah (laughs)

Chris: Why didn't someone come up with that before? Hang on, I think Google did. And, it was called Google Wave.

Audrey: But see, it's not about the idea. It's about the execution.

Chris: There you go. Google, you don't know how to sell yourself. Remember Google Wave?

Audrey: Yeah, I do.

Chris: It's just like slack. (laughs) Okay, so back to lifestyle. How do you create balance in your life, you know? Being a founder and CEO of-

Audrey: Funnel Ventures

Chris: Thank you. I've talked to so many people today. How do you create that balance?

Audrey: You know, that's a really good question, and one that I've been, you know, trying to find for myself as well. I think it's all about making the most of the different opportunities that come your way. So for example, I was working really hard over the summer. I didn't really have a break over Christmas and New Years. I was working with clients. And then, all of a sudden I found myself with some, you know, some time when I wasn't working with clients. And I was coming out for this conference [inaudible 00:05:49] and I'm like maybe I will take some time for myself, and come a bit early, and spend some time on the Gold Coast.

So, yeah, I think you just have to make the most of those opportunities and just kinda grab them. Instead of being like, Oh my God, I've got to get some work. I've gotta find some more clients. I'm like, Amazing! I can have some time to focus on, not just my brain, but my whole body health and my sanity in this world so.

Chris: How much clearer do you think when you've just had a bit of time out?

Audrey: Oh, it's amazing. And I think, also, there's something to be said for, you know, when you're an entrepreneur and you're constantly trying to push the envelope and make things happen; to just kinda take a step back and let the universe work for you and just kind of see how that happens. Because, it's kind of like when you're driving a car and you're constantly on the accelerator and it doesn't get a chance to shift into a higher gear, you know?

Chris:So, is there anything that you're gonna take back into your life, as a regular habit, after taking some time on the Gold Coast?

Audrey: Oh yeah, I'm gonna walk on the beach every day in San Francisco. No. (laughs) Not quite the same. Um, well one of the things that I want to do more of that I just learned how to do on the Gold Coast was stand up paddle boarding.

Chris: Sweet! I love it.

Audrey: Yeah. It's awesome. So, I want to find some more opportunities to do that in my life.

Chris: There's a big bay over in San Francisco-

Audrey: Yeah, but it's not so still. It's not quite the ideal conditions.

Chris: Right. Fair enough. I love stand up paddle boarding. It's awesome.

Audrey: (laughs)

Chris: You know, they've even got ones like they're big enough that you can do yoga on it and all sorts of stuff?

Audrey: Yeah. Well, actually, when I was in Tel Aviv I saw them doing yoga on stand up paddle boards and I thought that was pretty awesome. So- I'm not sure I'm there yet.

Chris: This is so a project for you.

Audrey: Yeah.

Chris: Get the whole team doing it.

Audrey: Yeah. Exactly.

Chris: Do you have team activities that , you know, I guess help get people of their bum and moving and- energising the brain?

Audrey: Um, you should. Shouldn't you?

Chris: Yeah- Okay, then. We won't go there. Thanks so much, Audrey. I nearly called you Melnik. Far out. This name thing's pretty hard. And, please like us on Facebook, beachCity live. Make sure you share this video. And how about, Audrey, how about you like it too? That'd be great.

Audrey: I will do that.

Chris Awesome. Thanks guys. See you soon.