Myriad Live 2017 with Ally Watson and Vanessa Doake from Code Like a Girl

Myriad live with Ally Watson and Vanessa Doake from Code Like a Girl

Posted by BeachCity on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Video Transcription:

Chris: And we're live. Beach City Live at Myriad Live at Powerhouse Brisbane for day two, day three, what ever you want to call it. I have Ally and Vanessa from Code Like a Girl. Welcome.

Aly: Hello, Welcome, Yeah, thank you!

Vanessa: Hi!

Chris: These guys are speakers on stage very soon so we've only got a limited time. All right, what's Code Like a Girl?

Aly: Code Like a Girl is an organisation that is disrupting the tech community. We are inspiring new generations of girls to learn code and be involved in the creation and development of technology.

Chris:Awesome and that's such a beautiful accent isn't it Australia? Where is that accent from?

Aly: That accent is from Scotland.

Chris:Scotland, and where are you Vanessa?

Vanessa: Melbourne

Chris: Melbourne, cool global company, very cool, very cool. How did you guys come to connect?

Vanessa: We were friends actually for a couple of years. My husband used to work with Ally at an agency in Melbourne and that's kind of how we came to know each other.

Chris: Cool, cool. And whereabouts are you living now?

Aly: In Melbourne, so just a recent permanent resident. Yeah, I'm staying there for a while.

Chris: Cool, so who's your target audience, are you starting young?

Aly: Yes, so we pretty much target all sort of age groups. We have junior workshops, we have adult workshops, and our junior work shops start from ages six and so we do grades one through twelve. So you can pretty much be any age circle, if you think you're past it and you're out of work, learn to code. You can still make millions.

Chris:Awesome, make millions, beautiful. And Vanessa, I was about to ask you something else but I don't know what that was. Favourite beach in the world?

Vanessa: Favourite beach? I don't know, I was actually born in Sydney so I'm going to have to say Bondi.

Chris: All right we'll let her have that one Queensland, what do you reckon? Okay and what about you Ally?

Aly: Have you seen the beaches in Scotland? Beaches in Scotland are like pebbles, but favourite beach? Oh I don't know.

Chris: Have you been to the Gold Coast?

Aly: I have actually, I really have. Yeah but it's gorgeous beaches there. I really like Byron Bay actually. That's one of my faves. I love Byron Bay.

Chris: Oh Jesus, so hard to go past Byron Bay isn't it? When you're in Byron Bay, what do you do in Byron Bay? Do you go to Byron Bay?

Vanessa: I've been there a couple of times, yeah. I know I usually like to walk around and just kind of sit on the beach.

Chris: So what's work look like for you guys? Is it pretty relaxed? Do you get out and about? Do you work from cafe's? Do you office it? How do you work that out?

Aly: Well at the moment it's a little bit chaotic so we're both sort of still full time with our jobs so I'm a developer, and Vanessa is our HR and Operations at a legal firm. So we started trying to encode a little, like Wednesdays we get some plates for working hours, we do it on our nights or weekends. We catch up at Cappies, we sit and drink wine at night and sit at our laptops. We have a really great access to a cool working space in the foundation of young Australians, which is great. We work sometimes from my office. It's kind of all over the place at the moment and we're really trying to, we're at the base sort of, of this organisation and setting up and we can't see ourselves with out this start up. So very early days and we're trying to jump into it soon and get on there full time but we'll see. We'll see how things go.

Chris: Awesome, so is it an after school programme? Is that how it works or do you integrate it into schools?

Vanessa: Well holidays, so particularly for the junior workshops we run them during the weekends on school holidays. Just in Melbourne at the moment, but hopefully soon in other states. For our adult workshops, that can just be anytime throughout the year usually in the evening. Yeah with our events they're always kind of after work, during the week and we're starting our events in Sydney this year. Hopefully other states real soon.

Chris: Awesome, awesome. So really quickly, who's got you excited here at Myriad? Who have you seen? Who have you met that you just go "wow, that's amazing," or maybe connected with.

Aly: I think I probably speak for the both us, we saw a panel discussion on the start up stage yesterday between Holly from Pixc and I can't remember the guys name from Corilla but he was-

Chris: Dave

Aly: Dave, yep, he said some things that really resonated with us and it gave us a lot of confidence as to start up [inaudible 00:04:12]. We were all a bit like can [inaudible 00:04:15] and just some things he said. Really good advice and just really inspiring stuff. They just seemed like really [inaudible 00:04:23] people, young and vibrant and really passionate. So I really loved it.

Chris: So I want you to tap into Ally's brain and say what that advice was... What's the advice?

Aly: I think one particular thing that stood out to me was just around how people were kind of accessing the audience and things and it was real interesting to hear, maybe not so much of an investment into traditional paying for advertisements and things and a lot of emphasis on content marketing. Which is something that we definitely want to do more of in the future. That's probably one of the key ones.

Chris: Cool so are you going to get yourselves one of these? Do some Facebook Lives? Yeah?

Aly: Yes

Chris: With all the little kids, it'd really be cool. It'll be cool. Maybe their parents though I don't know [crosstalk 00:05:16]

Aly: [crosstalk 00:05:17] That could be weird.

Chris: Cool, thanks so much guys. Absolutely awesome speaking with you. One last question, how do you get that balance? It's really tough at the moment, you're doing your full time [inaudible 00:05:28] and you're also starting this thing up so how do you find that balance for a life as well. A bit of exercise in there to get that sanity?

Aly: Yeah definitely, I don't really exercise, but you definitely have to be really disciplined, your mental health comes first and we both agree on that. Sometimes you have to let people down, sometimes you have to disappoint people, you don't get back to the emails but you got to dial in and you've got to just look out for yourself, so that's definitely something we absolutely agree on as far as top top importance.

Chris: And how far can you go as to know that already? How long have you been operating?

Vanessa: So as a meet up space probably about two years. Kind of more formally doing the workshops and as an organisation probably about six months or a year.

Chris:Wow. Fast learners. All right so... Favourite beach, done the favourite beach. Getting directions from Lee on the sidelines... All right thanks so much guys, been absolutely awesome hope you enjoy the last day, so sad it's the last day. Having so much fun. And thanks again! Woo hoo! See you guys. Beach City Live on Facebook.