Myriad Live 2017 with Ahmed Alaraibi from Immersifyed Technology

Myriad live with Ahmed Alaraibi from Immersifyed Technology

Posted by BeachCity on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Video Transcription:

Chris: G'day, we're back, BeachCitylife on Facebook, and we're still at Myriad Live and I'm with Ahmed from Immersifyed Technology.

Ahmed: Yes.

Chris: How ya goin', man?

Ahmed: I'm good, and yourself?

Chris: Yeah good. Whereabouts is Immersifyed?

Ahmed: We're basically based in Melbourne right now, and we're trying to move, our technology basically over the world, but first we want to focus on Melbourne and move it around the education industry in Australia, so we're trying to do that basically right now from that event.

Chris: Cool, so what is Immersifyed, tell me about it?

Ahmed: Immersifyed, we're trying ... it's all about like immersion and, immersing technology, giving immersive technology into client's hand, into consumers or students, because it's all about educating people in that interactive sense. What we think is instead of giving that kind of experience, you're just talking, or giving the lectures or something, let's make it more interesting. More interactive by providing something more practical that gives that experience to the viewer or the student during classrooms.

Chris: Does that mean VR, is that what you're basically talking about or ... ?

Ahmed: It's not technically ... Okay, it is, can do with the digital reality world, but it's not just focused on VR, we're trying to focus on mostly like AR, augmented reality, mixed reality, holograms, hololens, basically that's the whole feel.

Chris: Awesome, that's all you had to say. Holograms, you know AR, awesome.

Ahmed: Technology that we're working in our world right now, we're working with interesting technology right now and we are in the future right now and what's so exciting about this event. They're trying to get all these things, we get all these things, bringing all these awesome people together to do this awesome stuff.

Chris: Stop running away from me man, I don't bite, come on.

Ahmed: [inaudible 00:01:35] I'm coming to you.

Chris: Cool man. What's it like being here in Myriad?

Ahmed: Awesome stuff honestly, and I actually appreciate what the co-founders have done. Martin and Marie have done an awesome job here in Queensland, and I hope they actually go around Australia to do more stuff of these sort of events to harness that culture of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Thank God, for startups.

Chris: Absolutely man, it's absolutely awesome what they've done here. Just back on your story for a little bit. How long have you been operating and what stage are you at in business?

Ahmed: We're just a start up right now. We're just in the startup phase, so we've basically still got limited ...

Chris: I need to hug this guy.

Ahmed: We've basically got limited funding right now and we're just trying to integrate that by working on our sweat equity basically, doing our hard work then we should like focus on then getting investors so we can get our idea to the world basically. It's not an easy road to get into startups but it takes time but we have the patience for it to actually go out there and follow your dreams.

Chris: So are you at revenue stage yet? Have you got customers? No?

Ahmed: No, we don't have any users or customers right now. We still haven't issued our first demo but we're trying to get our demo first by the end of April to give it in La Trobe University in Melbourne, and by then we're trying to move through other universities once they welcome us.

Chris: Cool, so how are you balancing that? Are you still working a full-time job or are you still ... How's that balance going for you?

Ahmed: Well that's the hard thing about it, in Australia you've got to work a casual job to maintain your expenses and that's how it starts off. You can't just leave your job since you have an income. You've got to keep that income flow running through the company and from that stage you've got to inject what you get from your savings through that company instead of having the fun or doing any playful stuff. So weekends before more workful actually, instead of playful.

Chris: Cool. So you're doing weekends. Are you doing nights as well?

Ahmed: It's all hours honestly, any hours that you can work and see the team and find out. We basically work virtually. We work through online, we've got Skype, we've got all these great apps actually that helps us create these kind of projects and these tools that help us create projects.

Chris: And how are you finding the work/life balance? Wow we've got some loud ones behind us. How are you finding that work/life balance? Are you getting it at the moment or does it feel like your new venture is actually, I guess your downtime, it feels like you are working on something you know, 'cause you're passionate about it? Is that how it feels, maybe at the moment?

Ahmed: It [inaudible 00:04:10] but the problem is you're going to lose so many friends, you're going to lose so many people during that stage because you've got to have the right people around you and people that understand your journey as well.

Chris: He just keeps running away from me. He doesn't like me. I don't know what's wrong, maybe I smell. Maybe I smell or something.

Ahmed: See that's the problem so, I mean you've got to have the right people around that understand that journey, how hard it is, I mean it's a lonely road. That's the problem, you've got to face it and the people that understand you would be around you, support you through the whole stage.

Chris: Surround yourself with awesome people and was it Jim Rohn actually says "You are the average of the five people you hang out with most."

Ahmed: Exactly.

Chris: So if they're more awesome than you, well awesome right.

Ahmed: Exactly I'm looking for those kind of people over here in that event today. I mean great thing that we've met these awesome people all around. Thank you so much.

Chris: No worries, Ahmed. Thanks so much for chatting man.

Ahmed: Thank you so much.

Chris: I wish you the best of luck and hopefully we can follow your story.

Ahmed: Hopefully.

Chris: You know if you shout out to us, give us a tag or comment on this.

Ahmed: Definitely.

Chris: And put your page in or put your website in, absolutely we can follow that story, it'd be fantastic.

Ahmed: Thank you so much for your time and thank you so much for being here as well.

Chris: No worries. Ahmed, cheers man.

Ahmed: Okay then cheers.

Chris: Hey another cuddle.