Myriad Live 2017 with Aaron Birkby's, CEO of Startup Cataylyst

Hustle is Aaron Birkby's favourite word. The CEO of Startup Cataylyst also share about maintaining a hustle mindset by pushing ourselves to the extreme, otherwise you'll become complacent

Posted by BeachCity on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Video Transcription:

Suzzanne: B'kirby, is that how you say your last name? [crosstalk 00:00:03] Berkbe. We had this conversation while we were walking upstairs, right. You believe in the hustle.

Aaron Birkby: I do believe in the hustle. I think you have to go and do. You actually have to go out and sell and you have to make things happen.

Suzzanne: And why do you think ... Startup is all about the hustle, right?

Aaron: Yes.

Suzzanne: Don't you think that's unhealthy sometimes?

Aaron: I can be but you need to manage yourself.

Suzzanne: Okay, let's use you as an example. You believe in the hustle, how do yo maintain the pace of the hustle?

Aaron:It's all about resilience, you need to do resilience training. You need to do mental resilience training.

Suzzanne: What mental resilience training do you do?

Aaron: So I push myself deliberately out of my comfort zone all the time. So I do exercise every second day, physical strength training. I always, if something is hard to do I try and choose that path. Because I want to self develop, I want to push my mental strength.

Suzzanne: You believe in, part of the startup is all about accelerating and growing and pushing the limit [crosstalk 00:01:03], right? Is that why you like startups?

Aaron: Yeah, I'm really uncomfortable in a comfort zone. When things are normal and just working I get really uncomfortable.

Suzzanne: Me too actually. After things go too easy, it's like there is something wrong in this little thing. [crosstalk 00:01:19] That's when you get complacent, right.

Aaron: Yeah, absolutely, so that's why I feel like I always have to be moving. I get bored very quickly, short attention span.

Suzzanne: Did you help Brisbane or Queensland Acre system to become where it is right now? Or help contribute and help grow the ecosystem here?

Aaron: Look in lots of ways. I think being part of lots of events or running lots of startup weekends as activators and cheerleading entrepreneurship. But I also continue working on the startup working group advising the minister around policy. Lots of ecosystem activity, just playing my role in some small way. But there's lots of people helping drive that.

Suzzanne: Do you think Australia is quite conservative in our approaching businesses? And it could be a detriment to being a startup culture and stuff.

Aaron: Absolutely, I think we suffer a few things culturally that hold us back. Number one, we have a great life style here and that's awesome. We've never really had diversity here. Where as you look at other countries, other demographics where it's make or break. It's literally I need to do this to succeed to get out of some uncomfortable situation. Whereas here we're very comfortable.

We also move at a different pace. There are lots of little cultural nuances that hold us back.

Suzzanne: How do you think we could push and strive to be a place, of just a nation for startups to come and stay in Queensland to grow their startup?

Aaron: Yeah, I think it's an awesome place to base. We just need to get better at the story telling. Let's stop whinging. Let's stop comparing city to city. Let's talk about the awesome startups that actually have here. Let's actually just actually go and do.

So head down ... There's no excuses any more. We have every level of government supporting us. Corporates are engaged. There's a lot of funding. There's a lot of programmes. There's a lot of support. Get out and do. Actually, prove it and go global.

Suzzanne: Do think the thing ... Having the global mindset will help us as well as the startup.

Aaron: The problem with Australia we have 25 million people, you can build a nice small business here. And people get stuck in that mindset. You need to think global. And this is what my day job is, take people to global markets. Make them realise how big those markets are. How big those problems are that they can solve. But also how fast the rest of the world is moving. We have to be global competitive or we're going to be left behind.

Suzzanne: How can startup businesses and other people interested in contributing to the ecosystem connect with you?

Aaron:Connect with me? Reach out through A Startup Catalyst we do international missions. We got one come up to June. Or through startup weekends or some other format. But connecting to entire ecosystem. There are so many people their supporting you. Please don't pay for services of mentors or anything like that, just go and connect. There's so much free content. But also, step up and lead. So become a volunteer, become engaged and actually help contribute to your ecosystem.

Suzzanne: So step and lead is a good one to finish off with. Thank you so much.

Aaron: No problem at all.

Suzzanne: Thanks