Myriad Live 2017 Chat with Damien Randell from Audeara

Damien Randell from Audeara talks about how Brisbane is the place to be for a startup

Posted by BeachCity on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Video Transcription:

Suzzanne : Hi there. My name is Suzanne and I'm with Damian. Can we do a little jiggy?

Damian: Yeah. I like to beat.

Suzzanne : Among that, Damian can you show me your awesome product that you put onto Kickstarter?

Damian: This is our product. It's on Kickstarter now. It's the world's first full fidelity headphone.

Suzzanne : What's a full fidelity mean?

Damian: How it works is it has a hearing test that's inbuilt in the headphone. You take it out of the box, you put it on your ears. Then there's an app that goes along with it. You do a hearing test to work out what frequencies your ears can perceivably detect.

Suzzanne : Okay.

Damian: You do that for your left and right ear.

Suzzanne : Do we feel like there's not enough tools to help find out their innovation ...

Damian: There's not enough what?

Suzzanne : Hearing aid, the existing hearing aid doesn't really take up for this. Or the test doesn't really do ...

Damian: This is more accounting for the individual difference in everyone.

Suzzanne : Oh, okay.

Damian: Not for ... It works incredibly well for people who have significant deficiencies. Everyone's ears are different. What we have is a way that you can measure more individual hearing left and right, map your hearing curves on each ear, and then map that against the relationship of the music.

Suzzanne : Yeah.

Damian: So that you can have your ideal listening experience.

Suzzanne : Oh, wow. It's more about providing ideal-

Damian: Listening. It's all about your ideal listening experience.

Suzzanne : You just came back from South By. South by South-

Damian: We went to South By Southwest. A bit impulsive, but definitely worthwhile.

Suzzanne : Because you felt like your product would do so well over there, right?

Damian: We launched a month ago on Kickstarter.

Suzzanne : [crosstalk 00:01:33]

Damian: We raised our goal in ten hours.

Suzzanne : Ten hours?

Damian: Yeah.

Suzzanne : That's a high five moment there.

Damian: Thank you very much. We decided that we were just so heads down in getting ready for the Kickstarter launch, that the idea that South By Southwest was even on just went over our heads. Then we found out it was on and we were like-

Suzzanne : "We've got to go."

Damian: Yeah. "We've got to go." We're getting such good feedback on the product and everyone goes there to examine new technology.

Suzzanne : And innovation. You guys did this is Brisbane.

Damian: Yeah, we did do it in Brisbane.

Suzzanne : I have to emphasise that because people have this expectation that if you want to be a great startup you have to be from Sydney, or Melbourne. Let me ask you this question, are you going be basing your company still here or do you plan to go anywhere else?

Damian: Sure. We love living here.

Suzzanne : Why?

Damian: The weather is good. The people are friendly.

Suzzanne : It's all about the lifestyle choice.

Damian: Yeah, it is the lifestyle choice. It's such a good community emerging. Everyone interested in ideas, everyone interested in doing stuff. Interestingly enough with this product, it was originally an attempt to sell of an access to audiology services programme in public health system. One of the founders is a doctor who was working in an ENT clinic at the time. In order to have their appointment they needed a hearing test and they didn't have it there. Had to turn him away. They had to go get a hearing test.

Suzzanne : Oh, no.

Damian: They had to go back in maybe three months before they get the appointment. It worked out a way to put the hearing test inside the headphones.

Suzzanne : That's really good in terms of innovation and technology, but also providing impact and resources in terms of in this little hardware. I have to say, Sheraton isn't very good at hardware, but you've proven me wrong. I'm really happy.

Damian: We might have Australia's best industrial designer, Neil Davidson, working with us. He is-

Suzzanne : That's like.

Damian: An epic.

Suzzanne : That's a beautiful headset. Can I wear it on?

Damian: Yes, you can most definitely.

Suzzanne :It's a beautiful head set. Look at that.

Damian: How's it feel on the ears?

Suzzanne : It's so good. It feels so comfortable on the ears.

Damian: I tell you what, I've been in so many meetings about the depth of ear cups. Like, "Can we make it deeper? Can we make it wider?"

Suzzanne : Yeah, but this one does it cater to everyone else in terms of-

Damian: Yeah, it's all the standard features. It's got the top level noise cancelling, top level Bluetooth.

Suzzanne : You're really happy with this aren't you?

Damian: Yeah, we are really happy. It's just the beginning though. We've got a few more refinements we want to make. That's one of the prototypes.

Suzzanne : This is a prototype?

Damian: We're going to change some of the ear cup design. Put some more metal arms and stuff.

Suzzanne : Just to make it a little bit more flash and bling?

Damian: And bling, yeah.

Suzzanne : What is the next stage now in terms of this?

Damian: We've got 15 days left on the Kickstarter. After that, we've already pushed the trigger on manufacturing, which is very rare for a Kickstarter. We hope within 45 days of the Kickstarter-

Suzzanne : Everyone has it.

Damian: Ending for everyone to actually have their headphones.

Suzzanne : Now you going to go back to South By Southwest and-

Damian: We'd love to go back next year. It's a lot to take in. I don't think you can do it right the first time.

Suzzanne : That's part of ... That's what startup is, but you have the resources here that everyone wants to help you grow.

Damian: Everyone wants to help you grow. Our Lab Accelerator helped us on the medical product and it was-

Suzzanne : You know like Mark before has just launched and accelerator that focus on cytotech that wants to help pushing it toward the scale. It feels like everything-

Damian: Mark from QT is an excellent dude.

Suzzanne : It seems like everything is connecting in this place where they want to have a creative pipeline as well.

Damian: Brisbane is very much investing in the ecosystem at the moment. I know it's a buzz word, but it has rubbed off and there's lot so different things and people are asking, "Well, how can we work together? "Yes, it is possible to do stuff?" "Do you have an idea?" "When you have an idea, what can I do with it?" "Does that idea warrant a business?" Yeah, I think every day there's more and more support for every different stage of the entrepreneurial journey.

Suzzanne : I had a conversation with [inaudible 00:05:30].

Damian: Yeah.

Suzzanne : He says two things, "Think globally, and relay your idea with your customers."

Damian: He says it in that smooth Israeli accent, doesn't he? He's a charmer, Dures.

Suzzanne : He is really. Thank you so much. How can people ... What's the Kickstarter again?

Damian: will route you to the Kickstarter page. We have 15 days left.

Suzzanne : 15 days left.

Damian: Sound never sounded this good.

Suzzanne : That's the tagline. You already can tell it's the tagline. Again, high five.

Damian: Thank you very much.

Suzzanne : Thank you.