Myriad Live 2017 with Xandra Innovations with Chat bots

LIVE differently with Xandra, innovation with chat bots

Video Transcription:

Suzanne Nguyen: Are we gonna film it again? All right. Hi. My name is Suzanne Nguyen and funny thing is I think the hurricane ... What's it called?

Jess: I think it's Cyclone Debbie.

Suzanne Nguyen: Cyclone Debbie has interfered with my internet connection so I'm gonna do this again.

Jess: It's going to be perfect.

Maddy: Yeah.

Suzanne Nguyen: It's gonna be perfect, because 30 seconds is not enough with these girls. I'm with Xandra Labs or Xandra. Would you prefer to be Cassandra or Xandra-

Jess: Xandra.

Suzanne Nguyen: Can you introduce yourself?

Jess: So I'm Jess, I'm the co-founder of Xandra.

Maddy: And I'm Mattie, co-founder of Xandra.

Suzanne Nguyen: And what do you guys do?

Jess: So, Xandra is a conversation design agency which means that we build chat bots and voice assistants for brands.

Suzanne Nguyen: And you're based in Sunshine Coast as well. Why?

Jess: Yeah, so, we all met at the Sunshine Coast at Spa [inaudible 00:00:44] in a co-working space and we haven't had any reason to leave. We're setting up a U.S. presence in LA in June. But the Sunshine Coast, you can work from anywhere and as a ...

Maddy: Yeah, in this day and age you can have a business based anywhere, like [crosstalk 00:00:58]

Jess: Yeah we have a really supportive set up ecosystem on the coast.

Suzanne Nguyen: Awesome. Mattie, I heard you have an awesome ritual every morning.

Maddy: Yes, I do. So, obviously the benefit of living on the coast is you have access to the beach and nature and whatnot. So, I definitely get out there and enjoy the most of that. But then at the same time it's like, we're building a business there so I have the best of both worlds.

Suzanne Nguyen: Do you find that having like such a morning ritual helps you be productive during the day?

Maddy: Definitely. It's like it just refreshes the mind, gives you that, like ... I personally, when I work inside all day I feel like I'm itching to get out. So if I get out first thing, like that's ... I'm done. I know that I've got out about. So.

Suzanne Nguyen: Awesome.

Jess: I'm like I need to go back inside.

Suzanne Nguyen: All right. We have a funny thing where like, Jess and I, when she introduced me Sunshine Coast for the first time, she was like, "You wanna go to the beach?," and I was like, "No I'm happy here."

Jess: I was like, I love you.

Suzanne Nguyen: I do like the sun, but I don't like sand.

Jess: Yes, yeah, yeah too pale for the sun.

Suzanne Nguyen: You're too pale. Saying that, can you tell me what the innovation behind chat bots and how can businesses integrate chat bots into their business.

Jess: Yeah, well I mean, even if you're a small business. Even a simple messenger chat bot that facilitates booking or frequently asked questions. That's kind of on the lower end of the scale. And then, kind of the campaigns we do is creating these complete open-ended conversations and characters that represent a brand.

And our real point of difference and what we bring to the chat bot space is that we're both creatives. We have no technical background, so we bring our writing and design and marketing skills to create really, a high quality user experiences.

Maddy: Yeah.

Suzanne Nguyen: You're going to one beach city to another beach city. Are you excited?

Maddy: Yeah. For this ... there's such a massive contrast between here and L.A. There, like there's just such a buzz over there. And things are happening that, you have the best of both worlds. It's like a city, literally on the beach. So.

Suzanne Nguyen: And Sunshine [City 00:02:43] is just like micro or mini version of that.

Maddy: Yeah. But it's getting there.

Jess: It's getting there.

Maddy: It's in the plan.

Suzanne Nguyen: Well how do you say [inaudible 00:02:51]

Jess: Murchville.

Suzanne Nguyen: Thank you.

[inaudible 00:02:56]

Jess: Yeah so, the murchville they're building a city centre from the ground up on an old golf course. So its gonna be a smart city from the ground up, and we're lucky enough to work on a project within the movement of chat bot. It went so well as far as Facebook messages for a chat bot for a city. So we're continually working on that with them as a city.

Maddy: Its not a pile of dirt anymore, its actually being developed and things are happening.

Jess: Marketing a pile of dirt is really hard.

Suzanne Nguyen: And can I ask you one final question? Its an super important question.

Jess: Okay.

Suzanne Nguyen: How old are you?

Jess: 21.

Maddy: 22.

Suzanne Nguyen: Alright, and how can people find you and connect with you in terms of chat bot and learn more about chat bot?

Jess: So you can go to our website, which is or xandralab on twitter, Instagram and everything else.

Maddy: Yeah, we're active on the social media.

Suzanne Nguyen: Yeah, definitely you guys are. All right thank you so much and one final high-five.

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