Myriad live with Steve Buhagiar and Gus Bellekens from Canary Scuba

Myriad live with Steve Buhagiar and Gus Bellekens from Canary Scuba

Posted by BeachCity on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Video Transcription:

Chris: Good day, we're live at Beach City Life on Facebook, and I have with me Steve and Gus from Canary Scuba, welcome guys!

Steve: Thanks guys, good to have'em.

Chris: We're at Myriad Live as you know, and these guys are exhibiting an awesome new product, what's the product man? You get a chance to talk about the product?

Steve: It's a team effort on this one side, I think both of us can tell you about it. Basically the way it works, it's a visual representation a breathe rate of our tank pressure for divers. So when you're diving, I don't know if you know but it's most important for you to know the status of your body's air pressure, it's nice to know your own. So at the moment there's a lot of hand signals involved, you can use tank pressure computing and things like that, we wanted to make it really simple and intuitive, and be in means of communicating such critical information.

Chris: Awesome, awesome, and so you're a start-up?

Steve: So originally this was our third year industrial design project to QDT, and then from there we got some funding through QT Bluebox, to sort of commercialise the product. So we've been prototyping and being in testing over the last three or four months through them. Now we're on our own trying to make it.

Chris: Awesome and whereabouts are you guys based?

Gus: We got an office at QT so level two of deeplock here in brisban, in brisban base, home of the great barrier reef.

Chris: Awesome, awesome, so you guys getting into some ... you must have done scuba before, right? To understand this yeah?

Steve: Leaning on no, because this is our third year university project, we wanted to do something that we'd never done before. So we started exploring things with inside of things that we hadn't actually experienced. We're wondering why internet and technology wasn't fully capitalised in scuba diving, obviously water being a conductor makes it really hard to transmit data underwater. So we worked with different options like, light or sound, or ... And so developed our three different products from that, and we've actually never dived since.

Gus: But I guess being industrial designers, that's a really unique perspective so it's allowed us to look at the dive industry from a completely different point of view from which we've come up with this ... A lot of divers, we've been in contact with hundreds of divers, but not being divers ourselves has given us a step-back out-of-the-box perspective.

Steve: Getting out of the room has been a really big part for us, so not only are we just drawing and sketching in a design studio, then we have to go out and meet with divers and instructors and people who actually know what they're doing under the water, so then we can be like okay, we can go back and change and edit, iterate, and come up with a solution that's not only good for them, but also different and something new.

Chris: And what's the feedback been like from the divers?

Steve: Awesome, a lot of the instructors see a really big benefit for when they're teaching 86 students at a time, like they're going down there anyway and they have to individually segment and go "How are your tank pressures going?" "How are your tank pressure levels going", and one instructor said this could actually be a really good revolution in the dive industry, which is good feedback.

Chris: That's awesome! So back to a bit of lifestyle stuff, you're students at the moment, you got start-up happening, how are you guys managing your downtime?

Steve: Well we don't really get too much downtime, it's one of those things that this is definitely a passion for us, is solving problems. So this is our downtime.

Chris: Yeah well when you're passionate about something-

Gus: It's never a downtime.

Chris: Yeah.

Gus: So basically we do this four days a week from 7am - 11pm at night, and then to support ourselves throughout the week, we work 40 hours over the weekend, so Friday Saturday Sunday we both work in hospitality.

Steve: It's definitely a very intense lifestyle, but it's definitely a lot of fun, especially when you get to come to events like this, and mingle and showcase infront of an audience. It's really cool.

Chris: Awesome, so how did you get here? Did you get some help from QT?

Steve: QT yeah so Bluebox has a really cool acceletor programme that happens in the summer, they come along and they give you some funding, they give you some support. I guess mentorships along the way.

Chris: Super important right?

Steve: And we're really lucky as well, we've had external mentors who have gone through the programme before, who were a few years ahead of us so they've seen everything before and they can help us along the journey.

Chris: Cool, okay, so there's no balance but I'm sure you've been to the beach?

Steve: We do get out to the beach once in a while, we got some cool product shots and yknow, we'll definitely ... Our prototyping boards, PCB's will be here in the next couple of weeks, and from there we're gonna be going. We've got six schools and one dive-club who are going to test this for us, so that's where we really get to go down and do our dive certification.

Gus: We spend weeks at the beach. Full weeks at the beach.

Chris: All right! So what's your favourite beach then?

Steve: Definitely probably bondai, I don't know I'm just an aussie guy and I went down to sydney and went to [inaudible 00:04:34] didn't actually make it out to Bondai but you gotta love that TV show.

Chris: What about yourself Gus?

Gus: Golkai's. Yeah any of the beaches on the golkai's good beaches.

Chris: Man from [inaudible 00:04:44] beautiful. Thanks very much guys, follow these guys @CanaryScuba, make sure you share this with your friends, Beach City Life. Absolute awesome idea, way to integrate it lifestyle ideally into your business, being passionate about it, I love it, I want to use it, I haven't scuba'd for ages so I'd love to get under again, and yeah.[inaudible 00:05:06] Yeah, I will sure! Where are you doing it?

Steve: Probably through Adreno.

Chris: Whereabouts is that?

Steve: They're located in wollingaba, but they do different spots around so ...

Chris: Might have to wait for your cycling [inaudible 00:05:18]

Steve: It'll help clean the reef out, who knows.

Chris: I know it's gonna clean up some surfing banks that's what I'm really excited about. Thanks for listening guys! We'll be back soon with Hmore, share and like!