Myriad Live 2017 with Shelli Trung, Angel Investor and Expert in Residence @QUT Creative Enterprise Australia

Shelli Trung, angel investor and Expert in Residence @QUT Creative Enterprise Australia

Posted by BeachCity on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Video Transcription:

Suzzanne: ... like, we're just gonna boogie it out.

All right, I'm with Shelli Trung. This is the second time I've interviewed her. Last time was at [00:00:08] Post Fest, but it's at Myriad and now she's an expert in residence for QUT Creative Enterprise Australia. I always seem to [inaudible 00:00:14] that, did I get that right?

Shelli Trung: So, it's a bit of a mouthful actually. So -

Suzzanne: Here's the funny story, right? She's an angel investor, based in Melbourne, but she's gotten hired by Queenslanders.

Shelli Trung: Yes. Queenslanders are hustlers, and they really do know how to convince you to move up here. It's not that hard of convincing actually, the tropical weather really does help.

Suzzanne: Are you going to move here for the next couple months?

Shelli Trung: I'm the Expert in Residence at QUT Creative Enterprise Australia, so therefore -

Suzzanne: What does that mean?

Shelli Trung: Creative Enterprise Australia, interesting you ask that. I've actually built my own media company, and I sold that in New York, and would not have thought it's a creative enterprise. That really sums up a little bit of what Creative Enterprise is. It's all the fun stuff, I call it -

Suzzanne: It is. I love interviewing everyone else because I learn from her, and everyone else I'm interviewing as well.

Shelli Trung: Yes. It's a AR, VR, robotics, wearable. All the fun stuff.

Suzzanne: YouTube, videos, communication.

Shelli Trung: Yes, definitely.

Suzzanne: Anything you think is creative, it's going to be a massive industry. We are a massive industry.

Shelli Trung: Well, it's bigger than the mining industry. I think it's just lacking a bit of promotion and visibility. Hopefully, we'll be able to, really, Creative Enterprise will help that process.

Suzzanne: This is ironic, because Melbourne is specifically the creative city.

Shelli Trung: Well, Melbourne is different. I think, you know, with Brisbane changing their ecosystem, they're really unique in that they come in and they get it done. They don't get wrapped up in the Melbourne versus Sidney thing. With myself coming from Boston and New York, it's irrelevant. You see Australia as a whole ecosystem, but Brisbane doesn't really get caught up in that conversation, and really just focuses on getting things done. I've been really impressed by the team at CEA, you know, they're really just hustling, hustling. I'm all about making sure we get results, so I'm very excited to be up here in Brisbane.

Suzzanne: So you're pretty much here to be part of the accelerator as well?

Shelli Trung: Yes, so I'll be helping out with the accelerator, but I'll also be helping out with their start-up fund. For those of you who don't know, we actually invest up to $150,000 in creative tech startups that are scalable, so I'll be there helping that out. On top of that, also, being part of the university community, and really making sure we're training the next generation of startup founders, and the employees of these startups, to make sure they understand commercialization. Making sure they're building viable and scalable businesses.

Suzzanne: If anything, it kind of emphasizes the fact that even Melbourne [inaudible 00:02:58] Melbourne has noticed there's something happening in Queensland. There's a really great vibe here.

And I want to emphasize, she's doing a moderation in Myriad conversation now. What's your talk about?

Shelli Trung: I'm actually moderating a 12:00 - 5:00 p.m. panel at the Speakeasy, so please come say hello. We have a cancelled session in between, so maybe I can take some angel investor questions, if someone is keen. Come say hello. It's lovely weather today, unlike yesterday.

Suzzanne: I'm glad I was able to catch Shelli today, because she's my favourite angel investor -

Shelli Trung: Wow! Wow! What do I get for that?

Suzzanne: Hug!

Shelli Trung: Hug is great. I'll take it!

Suzzanne: Thank you so much. High five again.

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