Myriad Live 2017 with Murray, founder of Myriad

Murray - founder of #Myriad2017

Posted by BeachCity on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Video Transcription:

Suzzanne: Come on dance with me, Murray. Come on. Come on.

Murray: This is part of the thing. Okay cool.

Suzzanne: Yeah, right dance.

Murray: Yeah I'm not a dancer.

Suzzanne: But you did. He literally I made him dance. He was just moving his arms before. I'm with the cofounder of Myriad 2017. Fantastic job, man. Yesterday was the best shit ever. Look at his eyes, they're like. You made it happen. You made it happen. And it's still happening.

Murray: Yeah.

Suzzanne: Tell us about your [sleigh 00:00:30]. I feel like it's kind of a record I'm really want to emphasise on.

Murray: I think look it's a lot easier to be happy and excited about it now. It sucked when it was happening. It just was not an easy experience to go through.

Suzzanne: Just to give you some context, was it Cyclone Dorothy or Hurricane Dorothy?

Murray: Close enough. Cyclone Debbie but I think Dorothy is more appropriate.

Suzzanne: What happened was we had to shut down yesterday. People were still networking. People were bonding yesterday. A lot of people had a great time.

Murray: Totally. We had an amazing little pop up party at Josephmark. Those guys always put on a good show. Our creative partner, a great studio in New Valley. We were fortunate enough to have the number one cyber security expert in the world get up and do a twenty minute talk. Totally impromptu on hanging out with Edward Snowden and all this other crazy stuff. It was just incredible to be in a room here or there or anywhere with people who get it. Who really just understand it's not just about tech. It's not just about tech.

Suzzanne: What is it about? What is it about?

Murray: It's about empathy, man.

Suzzanne: Empathy?

Murray: Yeah.

Suzzanne: Why?

Murray: It's about being human. All the tech and funding rounds in the world who cares if you don't have a core value at the heart of your company or your product or whatever, it's just another widget. Like it's just crap. It's just another thing. I don't want to go on about a certain ride sharing company that has somewhat gone a bit funky because people are worried about the internal culture. Like you don't want to point at the bad stuff, you really want to lift up the good stuff.

Suzzanne: So many good things happen. Yesterday everyone could have been in a foul mood 'cause a lot of people travelled from far away to be here. I feel like the sense of energy is like, hey man I'm so happy you're here. The kind of collision and the bond that happened yesterday is gonna never been replicated again to tell you the truth.

Murray: The difficult second album. It will be told.

Suzzanne: The funny thing is some people's like it'd be awesome if they could mimic that disaster next year because then you would.

Murray: No, don't say that. No. Whoever you are. Shut up. Don't do that. That's not okay. We never ever want to the Queensland Police to have to call me and say hey man shut it down. That was pretty rock and roll, don't get me wrong. Like I'm a big fan of that, of like the story. But sitting in the Minister's office and going, "what do you mean we have to make sure these people are safe because we might have the whole place flooded?" That sucked because my staff was scared. Everybody was like pulled together but at the time we thought that that meant the whole place was going to lift off. We didn't know. You know.

Suzzanne: Credit to the team and you and the team for making stuff happen. I just want to say that. I know it's not over yet. Some of the stories that I've been hearing on your behalf has been amaze balls.

Murray: Thanks, dude.

Suzzanne: I just wanted to let you know that first off.

Murray: Thanks.

Suzzanne: No probs.

Murray: Thank you. Cheers.

Suzzanne: Next year's plan. Are you thinking about what you're going to do next year? Is there going to be another one? I know it's too early to say.

Murray: There certainly won't be another cyclone, that's for sure. Yeah Myriad 2018 is gonna be back ten times bigger and better. We've got so many ideas that we didn't get a chance to pull of this time. We've been fortunate enough that lots and lots of our network and friends from overseas who couldn't make it, even Tony Conrad they guy who started, I think. One of our favourite investors. Skateboarding dad. Awesome dude. He's like, "guys, I'm already booking it in my calendar, I'll be there." It's going to be awesome.

Suzzanne: Thank you so much for that. Myriad 2018. If you're not here this year, book it next year. That you have to come next year. Cheers.

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