Myriad Live 2017 with Gemma Alker and some Kidpreneurs from Club Kidpreneur Foundation

Myriad live with Gemma Alker and some Kidpreneurs from Club Kidpreneur Foundation

Posted by BeachCity on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Video Transcription:

Chris: With me, Club Kidpreneur. What an awesome foundation you guys have started, and where the rescue you start, Jena?

Jena: Started in Sydney, over seven years ago, but we are a national programme.

Chris: Right, so inspiring young kids to take the ride of entrepreneurship?

Jena: We work with 8 to 12 year olds and actually teach upper primary school children about entrepreneurship by guiding them to start their first business.

Chris: Awesome. So they say never to work with kids or babies and animals. Well, we haven't got the babies, so to speak, but what have you got to say? ... Hi Simba, not saying too much today, but a bit restless there. Right, okay we will start off with you. What is your name?

Indiana: Indiana.

Chris: Indiana, and what is your role in Indiana? Can you tell me about, what this is. What this company is called, what's the name?

Indiana: Pet Cravat

Chris: Pet Cravat. Is that your .com au or .com? What's your website address, do you have one?

Jena: The girls don't have a website at the moment.

Chris: Not yet?

Jena: No.

Chris: Not yet, sorry?

Jena: Not yet. [crosstalk 00:01:00] Not yet. Not yet. (dog barking)

Chris: That's cool.

Jena: They're busy ... booked out with all the pet expos and the village markets.

Chris: Oh rad, rad, awesome. I love it.

Imagen: Imagen.

Chris: Imagen. And what's your role, Imagen?

Imagen: Well, we start and create the cravats so we can sell them.

Chris: So your in manufacturing.

Imagen: Yeah.

Chris: Awesome, awesome. And what was your name?

Lauren: Lauren.

Chris: And what's your job title, Lauren? What do you do?

Lauren: We ... well making cravats ... 'cause normal dogs don't look stylish, so we've got to make them look more perfect ... (giggles)

Chris: Simba would you like to get down?

Jena: Simba's modelling the cravats here that the girls have made. ... So all three are co-founders. And they all work in the business and actually sell the products. And as you see, they're handmade ... You want to hold one up their Indy? ... The handmade cravats that they sell. [crosstalk 00:02:02] Make the puppies look fashionable as they're out taking a walk. And it has been known that an owner will actually have a matching cravat to their puppy.

Chris: Oh beautiful. Or a bandana even.

Jena: Or a bandana, that's right it isn't it girls ... they're versatile.

Chris: Beautiful ... so how old are you guys? What year at school are you? How old are you?

Indiana: We're all in grade six.

Chris: Wow. How old are you?

Indiana: 11.

Imagen: I'm 11 too ... We started it last year when we were in grade five.

Indiana: What?

Lauren: I'm 12 years old now.

Chris: Unbelievable. That's so cool. So what's the hardest part of being in business?

Indiana: Going around and getting customers and making the money to get them to buy something.

Chris: Sales ... yeah ... right. So you've gone to markets. And how do you guys work the markets? What's one of those challenges you might have had with customers?

Imagen: Convincing them to come to our store and have a look ... 'cause usually they just say they'll come back after lunch and they come. (laughing)

Chris: (laughs) Right again ... nail them down, eh?

Jena: Having a real live puppy helps.

Chris: Yeah, everyone loves petting the puppy I'm sure. Cool guys. So what's got you really excited about business? Why's it so exciting?

Lauren: 'Cause you get to meet new people and make new creations and help charities. Or like RSPCA. Raising some money to help them out with new pets.

Chris: Right, so you've got a purpose as well. That's awesome. So you're giving back to the community. That's really cool. I'm glad you guys are learning these skills so young. I wish I had been there doing this just like you guys. Any of your friends wanting to do this too now?

Indiana: I don't know.

Lauren: Not them.

Chris: Don't know.

Jena: So with did with Cooper [inaudible 00:04:01] was actually have fifty students go through the programme and the teachers actually helped the kids get their businesses started. Of course all of the businesses ... They raised $10,000 for charity. Which is a key part of the Kidpreneur programme where the kids learn business social group.

Chris: That is so cool. Well guys keep on keeping on. I love what you're doing. You're learning some great skills for life. Give it to me ... come. Woosh, Woo, Woo ... last one ... thanks Jena. Make sure you follow Club Kidpreneur on Facebook, share that to your friends ... go team.

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