Myriad Live 2017 with Erez Saf, CEO of CRiskCo

Erez Saf, CEO of CRiskCo, is part of HotDeq and shares his thoughts about being part of Australian startup ecosystem

Posted by BeachCity on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Video Transcription:

Suzzanne: You can warm up a little bit. This is Australia, welcome to Australia. I have someone, an international guest. I'm really excited to introduce to big city culture. We're with the anti-opposite of lifestyle, mindfulness, healthy like you know we're almost the opposite of the hustle.

Erez Saf: Yes.

Suzzanne: You realise San Francisco is all about the hustle right?

Erez Saf: Yes, everything's about the hustle.

Suzzanne: Before we talk about the hustle again. Can you introduce yourself to everyone and what Chris Gurr is.

Erez Saf: Yes, so my name is Araz and I'm coming from Tel Aviv. Chris Gurr is using AI technology to predict if a company is going to default or to be successful.

Suzzanne: Wow, that is a good piece of AI Technology right there. So you're from over seas and you're here as kind of the help desk and you've only been in Australia for how long now?

Erez Saf: Yeah, I've been here 8 weeks, 2 months.

Suzzanne: And can you tell us the difference between, the difference, did you expect Australia to be so welcoming or..?

Erez Saf: So I did expect Australia to be welcoming because it is known that Australian people are nice and welcoming. What I didn't expect in coming from Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv before that, I didn't expect to have such a vibrant environment of start ups and innovation and things that are happening.

Suzzanne: In the last 8 weeks, tell me what you've been doing?

Erez Saf: Well I've been in 2 hacker talks we've done an AA meet up, that's more than 100 people come to listen what is AI and how can we use it. We've been in several events including this one Myriad Live.

Suzzanne: And you're meeting awesome people here as well?

Erez Saf: Amazing people, amazing people! Entrepreneurs, investors, government people, that's government actually want to work and help, and businesses. It's been pretty good.

Suzzanne: Tell us about the help desk.

Erez Saf: So the help desk is Internet initiative to bring International companies into Brisbane or into Queensland in general. There are 25 companies, right now we're one of them getting a grant ranging from $25-$100,000 and it's a risky move for the government to just give money to start ups. But I think it's very smart and strategical move.

Suzzanne: Why do you think that is?

Erez Saf: Because bringing business here and if we succeed, we create jobs, we create better businesses, we create more people to understand it is possible.

Suzzanne: I feel like the Queensland was smart to try to like say hey we've become a destination, we're a Global company and we recognise that we lack skills so we're going to bring experts like Araz to come here and help us recognise that, "hey we're like an awesome place for you guys to be based here if you want to."

Erez Saf: Definitely, I wasn't aware that so many universities in Brisbane.

Suzzanne: So many young talent. Young talent.

Erez Saf: Exactly, young talent. People that's are eager to learn and work and we can help them learn in the way that we know it is possible to be Global and to sell it.

Suzzanne: Okay, let's talk about entrepreneur mindset. What makes an excellent entrepreneur mind set that helps you as a start up?

Erez Saf: I think 2 things that are very important especially in Australia. 1: Think Global.

Suzzanne: Think Global.

Erez Saf: You're not selling to Brisbane and International doesn't mean if you're selling in purse[inaudible 00:03:23], you're an International company. I know it's far away but International is really being International. The second thing is validate your product. Go out there, talk to people, talk to customers, sell your product, make sure that you're building something that you can actually sell and not investing 2 years in building something that nobody will want to get.

Suzzanne: That's so important. I love that. Validate your idea and think Global. Thank you so much!

Erez Saf: Thank you.