Myriad Live 2017 with BeachCity CEO Leigh Kelson

Myriad live with BeachCity CEO Leigh Kelson

Posted by BeachCity on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Video Transcription:

Suzanne: Hi. My name is Suzanne and we're live again with Beach City Life. I'm with the CEO, the Founder, the amazing extraordinaire Leigh Kelson.

Leigh Kelson: I don't know about that.

Suzanne: I just said that to him and he was like, "What the hell are you talking about to me?".

Leigh Kelson: That's not what my wife says.

Suzanne: Oops! Anyway, we're in the middle of a hurricane storm right now.

Leigh Kelson: Well, cyclone right? Cyclone Debbie hit the north two days ago and now we're getting all of that come down into Brisbane, so it's pretty crazy out there.

Suzanne: And this is kind of the lifestyle startup kind of lifestyle, where we just make shit happen, end of story.

Leigh Kelson: That's it, right? Yeah, we improvise.

Suzanne: We do, we just make it happen and sometimes things happen and you just have to be agile, you have to adapt.

Leigh Kelson: You just have to adapt, you have to pivot and work with with what you've got, right?

Suzanne: Exactly, and is that, being that it's startup lifestyle, everyone's like in the moment. It's like, "Hustle, hustle, hustle", you know just grind away and do you think that's a group lifestyle to ... it's not sustainable when you think about that, right?

Leigh Kelson: Well, you know look, I talk to a lot of younger people and startup people and people that are entrepreneurially minded and spirited and I think they think that you just got to keep going twenty four seven right? That there's somehow there's this destination that they're going to get to and I hate this cliché thing "the journey", but it really is with entrepreneurship. You've got to be prepared to ... you know if you're going to get on the coaster, you've got to be prepared to ride the highs and the lows of the coaster.

And so I think to do that you got to balance it, right? You got to keep an even keel and you got to live a healthy lifestyle. You got to be on your game, right?

Suzanne: It's also been a way to describe of an entrepreneurial lifestyle is like a marathon runner. You just have to pace yourself.

Leigh Kelson: Yeah, you do and one of my favourite sayings is, "It's a marathon, not a sprint", right? So from my perspective you got to keep healthy, you've got to eat well, you've got to have outlets and pursuits, whether that's creative, artistic outlet or whether that's a sporting, fitness activity, you got to get the right amount of sleep, you know like you-

Suzanne: Is that how Beach City Groups and Beach City Life has came about?

Leigh Kelson: Yeah, I think so. It's been a bit of an evolution as to Beach City really started life as ... our mission is to support entrepreneurs, particularly the younger entrepreneurs in Australia. Late high school moving into their university years and then into their late twenties, where they need to access some experienced people that have been around and can short circuit things for them and make their life a little bit easier.

So really my motivation was to try and make the path for the next generation coming through, or this generation coming through easier than it was for me, because it was pretty tough for me starting in the eighties.

Suzanne: Do you feel like now ... is that why you sharing that knowledge, there's a legacy move as well, but you also see that it's growing the next generation and the future of this generation as well, because it seems that they're everywhere I go now because I travel quite a lot, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, are growing a hub of entrepreneurs.

Leigh Kelson: Yes.

Suzanne: And it's an ecosystem, essentially what we'll be creating is a network for Australia to be competitive globally.

Leigh Kelson: Right, and that's exactly what we need to be and I think the best way to approach that is, if we can build some capability into that younger group, and not "academic capability" if you like-

Suzanne: Anyone can be a street smart or book smart, it's just sometimes we leaning one way and the other right, but I do feel like entrepreneurs tend to be creative or agile or adaptable, and they have a bit of book smarts.

Leigh Kelson: Yeah, so I think that probably that street smarts is the bit that I find is the real entrepreneurial street smarts. If you can build that and you can share some ... I think a lot of the times the theory says one thing, but practise says a very different thing.

Suzanne: It's all about execution and refining those executions and learning from those.

Leigh Kelson: Right, what works, what doesn't work. Not putting all your eggs in one basket, not throwing too much money at it, not going too early where you maybe you needed to spend a little bit more time building at your model, all those sorts of little things that, with youthful exuberance, you might dive into without a-

Suzanne: It does work in the beginning, a little bit I have to say, when you just go gung ho, but then after a while you have to step back and it's like, "Did that work? Did that really work?". How can we make them more efficient?

Leigh Kelson: Right, or probably even more so and then now what? Like if it did work or didn't work, it's like "Okay, now what do I do? Where do I go now?".

Suzanne: That's the thing that a lot of people struggle with, but also the entrepreneurial lifestyle, sometimes we hit that barrier where it's like, "It's not working. Why? Why?".

Leigh Kelson: Right.

Suzanne: Or you just have that point where you just felt like everything you try is not working as well, and everyone has those moments.

Leigh Kelson: Of course everybody does and what I find is interesting is when I go around and talk to a lot of startups and do mentoring with them, it's always a really specific problem at that time in their business so it's a real timing thing. You know one of my favourite sayings is, "Timing is everything in business", so it's really important to focus on the particular stage that your business is at and what you're grappling with at that particular time.

Suzanne: How can people ... who do you recommend people ...are we looking for particular types or just anyone who wants to reach their mindset, for Big City?

Leigh Kelson: I think that anyone that's really trying to work out how they balance their aspirations, they want to go and do something, they want to start a company, somebody that ... sometimes when people start out businesses, they get a lot of negative vibes from people around them like, "You're crazy. It will never work. Come and get a real job".

Suzanne: I love those people. Naysayers kind of make me, there's more opportunity that way than that way ... anything [inaudible 00:05:44]

You know what's hard, is finding those naysayers now. Someone, tell me what's going wrong, because I feel like there's too much of an easy flow. We need some kind of fish a little bit.

Leigh Kelson: Yeah, they're going to ... I think they're going to make an announcement here so.

Suzanne: Or we're live and-

Leigh Kelson: We are live.

Announcer: We've got some news.

Suzanne: And we've got news.

Announcer: We've been advised by the Queensland police and in the interest of public safety a decision has been made to suspend the scheduled programming-

Suzanne: We had to cancel the programme at the moment.

Leigh Kelson: Aah. Myriad's been shut down.

Suzanne: For today.

Leigh Kelson: For today yeah.

Suzanne: For today.

Leigh Kelson: Oh, what a shame.

Suzanne: We have a recap, but the recap is that ...

Leigh Kelson: So Queensland police have issued a notice to say that they ... is it in the interest of public safety?

Suzanne: Yes.

Leigh Kelson: Right, okay.

Suzanne: Good interview Carmen. Thank you Carmen for watching us and watching all the interviews as well. Finally, is there a website for everyone who's interested in-

Leigh Kelson: Yeah,, and also go to our Facebook page and follow our Facebook page.

Suzanne: Definitely, if you liked this interview, I will love it if you share it out and if you let people know that there is resources and people to help you find ways to maintain balance.

Leigh Kelson: Right.

Suzanne: Yes. All right, thank you everyone. High five.

Leigh Kelson: Thanks guys.

Suzanne: Bye. High five, don't leave me hanging.