Myriad Live 2017 with FashionTech Designer Anouk Wipprecht

Myriad live event intro Brisbane powerhouse with speaker Anouk Wipprecht

Posted by BeachCity on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Video Transcription:

Chris Hogan: Good day, world. My name's Chris Hogan and I'm from Beach City. I'm coming to you live from Myriad at the [Brisbane 00:00:08] Powerhouse on Wednesday the 29th of March. For the next two days, I'm going to be sharing live chats with many of the people that are attending and, of course, speakers. Here I have with me a speaker that's going to be appearing on Friday. Her name's Anouk. You're from the Netherlands?

Anouk: Correct.

Chris Hogan: [We'll 00:00:28] figure this thing out.

Anouk: Yeah, yeah. [That's-good 00:00:30].

Chris Hogan: What are you going to be speaking about?

Anouk: My profession is I combine fashion and technology together so I create sort of fashion designs that are creating an expression or a communication. What I do is I have a fashion design, and I combine it with something called a microcontroller. That's a really small microcomputer board that I put in my designs and then I connect it to, for example, robotics and lights and sensors and all that stuff. My designs are interacting or communicating sort of.

Chris Hogan: That's amazing. We actually saw some of your designs in the intro to the Myriad Live event so I got a bit of idea of how it all works. Some have some skeletal sort of structures coming off the shoulders and what not. It looks absolutely awesome. How long have you been here in Australia?

Anouk: It's my second day actually, and it's also my first time in Australia. So far it has been very good. The people have been very welcoming. I had the pleasure today to go to the Queensland's Academy Creative Industry, and I was on stage with [Sanoop-Luke 00:01:42] who is from YouTube. Basically, we had a lecture. I had a lecture about microcontrollers and interaction design. [San-yoop 00:01:49], he was talking about YouTube. He's part of YouTube sort of. It was a nice moment that we could talk to the students sort of and to raise some questions regarding to technologies and social media and [that's-also 00:02:03] really lovely.

Chris Hogan: Awesome. Have you been to any the beaches or anything like that yet?

Anouk: Not yet. I have only seen a small part of the city. I've seen the Powerhouse which I think is an amazing building. It just feels so lovely here so a really nice building for the city especially to do an event like this. It's pretty packed. Myriad's sold out. I think it's like 2000 people here. It's just [bum-forward 00:02:28] people sort of, and it makes the atmosphere very lightening sort of so that's pretty cool. I hope to meet with a koala at one point [to-say 00:02:35]. Martin [the-organizer 00:02:37] promised me to do that on Saturday so I'm really looking forward to cuddle one. That might be cliché, but I really like koalas so some of the things that I'm looking forward to.

Chris Hogan: Great. Thanks so much for your time, Anouk. We've actually got to basically close down this interview because we are taking up a bit of the corridor, but thanks so much for your time. I look forward to seeing your speech on Friday.

Anouk: For sure. Okay, [go-go 00:03:01]. Bye-bye.

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