Introducing the BeachCity hosts for Myriad Live, 2017

Meet Suzanne Nguyen and Chris Hogan from BeachCity, coming to you live for Day 1 of the Myriad Live festival, held in the Brisbane Powerhouse.

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Posted by BeachCity on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Video Transcription:

Chris: Good day world, here we are back at Myriad, for-

Suzzanne: You know what's really funny: this is my first time meeting Chris and I'm really excited to be here, because it's Myriad! It's all about tech, investment, making money, meeting everyone, and we're going to geek out, and before we go and talk about why we're here today, my name is Suzi, and it's pretty dark for some reason as well.

Chris: Yeah, what happened. What happened. Just went dark on us. Is that better? Whoa.

Suzzanne: Whoa!

Chris: Okay.

Suzzanne: Whoa. Now we look a little bit brighter now. This is Chris by the way, can you introduce yourself, Chris?

Chris: I'm Chris Hogan, I'm from Beach City, and we're going to be talking to heaps of people today. Last night I managed to grab a speaker for the first session, and Anouk was really great to chat to.

Suzzanne: Is he the reporter of the age?

Chris: No.

Suzzanne: No, okay there's a few Anouks that I know of.

Chris: No, Anouk.

Suzzanne: Anouk.

Chris: Yeah, she's from the Netherlands and she's a fashion designer, pretty much a pioneer in her industry, and she's speaking on Friday and her stuff's on the Myriad intro and it's some really cool robotic stuff, that really attaches to the body, and-

Suzzanne: It's like AIT but combined with fashion and ... Oh that's really interesting! Wearable technology. That's really exciting. That's what I mean, I'm really interested in geeking out and technology, and I'm really excited to be a roving reporter for Beach City Life, and we're going to talk about how to be different, how to maintain the lifestyle of casualness and mindfulness and healthy lifestyle. And being an entrepreneur. Because you can have it all, right?

Chris: Exactly, yeah. We did a little intro with Martin Talvari who's the co-founder of Myriad, and we met down at Burleigh Social, Burleigh Heads just a couple of days ago, and you know it highlighted the importance of that work-life balance and how you can have it as an entrepreneur, and he said that he gets up at 7 am, rides his bike to the café, and he gets to enjoy some beautiful scenery on the way, and then spends his day at the café, and he's Burleigh Social's biggest fan of their acai bowl. So he's big on food as well, like he said that he's just recently turned vegan since coming to Australia.

Suzzanne: I like fried chicken too much (laughs). I can't give that up. But in saying that I do meditate-

Chris: We're not sure if we can be friends yet, we're still working that out.

Suzzanne: We're working that out. But you know what I've been doing? I've actually been ... Before I came here I was meditating to get ready for today, because I feel like I'm going have all this information, and I'm really excited but also I feel like it's a great way to start your day. It helps me focus, but it also gives me mindfulness, and it's like, "Okay, these are the things that I need to do and achieve today."

Chris: Absolutely.

Suzzanne: What about yourself, what do you do?

Chris: Yeah, so last night I was still buzzing around at 10.30, and I'd been up at 4 am that morning as well so it's a big day, but I was still buzzing. I was like, "How am I going to go to sleep," and I used this technique that I learned from a guy named Wim Hof, also known as the Ice Man, and he's from the Netherlands and-

Suzzanne: You like the Nordic people.

Chris: Absolutely, I love them. I still haven't worked this thing out, I'm used to being [lapelled 00:03:26] up, but yeah, I do like the Nordic people, they're just doing amazing things. Maybe I'm seeing them in a minority, you know.

Suzzanne: What was the tactic that you used to help you get ready and sleep for the night?

Chris: His breathing technique is actually pretty much hyperventilating, you-

Suzzanne: What's hyperventilating? (Mimics heavy breathing) Is that-

Chris: Not quite. I use his technique, and I probably haven't learned it properly, but I breathe in and out 30 times, and then your body ends up pretty much getting oxygenated and then you just don't need to breathe for about three minutes.

Suzzanne: Oh that's really cool! So it's like breathing in, hold, out.

Chris: No, not even.

Suzzanne: What is it?

Chris: In whatever hold, he says the hold doesn't matter, just get it in and get it out, so (mimics heavy breathing), for 30 breaths, right, and I'm lying down when I'm doing this because otherwise you could fall over, and then when you stop your fingers start tingling, your toes start tingling, it's an awesome rush. And then you just zone out, and then boom, I'm out, I'm asleep.

Suzzanne: Okay, I'm going to try that technique, because I get overloaded with all the information. So these are the things that we're gonna talk about, we're gonna be hanging out with a lot of geeks, entrepreneurs, and wonderful people, and we're gonna find out their secret to life actually.

Chris: Absolutely, yeah. What do they do, what's their way to get to sleep. So you just heard mine, borrowed from Wim Hof, and ...

Suzzanne: Don't forget to follow us, because if you follow us you're gonna see all these little ...

Chris: Can you see that, is that on screen?

Suzzanne: So yeah, like "BeachCityLife", follow us, but also to subscribe to our live channel as well, and make sure that you follow us because then you get to see our videos popping in through your feed throughout the whole day. And it's going to be two days worth of awesome content. So like, high-five, and we're gonna do this again, probably midday or in the afternoon, to have a nice recap of the day as well.

Chris: Absolutely. Thanks guys, and we'll see you soon.

Suzzanne: See you, ciao.

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