Beach City Group

BeachCity is an entrepreneurial lifestyle new media youth focused brand. Our content is light entertainment-style social media designed to engage our audience/community through shareable content with an underlying education entrepreneurial capability development focus.

Our mission is to reimagine and then redefine through digital media how we build the innovation and entrepreneurial capability vital to living an authentic and real entrepreneurial life in the age of globalisation.

With a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, we cover events, conduct interviews, develop media and education programs and build global networks for the social/digital age. We shine a spotlight on and share stories from aspiring and inspiring entrepreneurs from schools/universities and early stage ventures through to corporate intrapreneurs. Our aim is to provide inspiration, support, mentoring and capability development pathways to anyone committed to building and living an entrepreneurial life.

Our media approach/style and content is light, entertaining, interesting, real, authentic and designed to engage online media audiences when and wherever they chose to consume our content.

We use a mix of experienced entrepreneurs and young millennials and Gen Z as our correspondents to more effectively engage with our youth and broader social media demographics.

Leigh Kelson

Leigh Kelson


Leigh is a serial entrepreneur and innovation leader who over the past 30 years has founded and/or co-founded nine (9) new venture companies and had four (4) successful exits. Leigh has been involved in raising over $50 million in private and public funding and successfully completed three (3) public listings on the ASX. In addition to his BCG role, Leigh holds a number of NED board positions and advises a portfolio of early stage companies on their commercialisation strategies.

Chris Hogan

Marketing Director

Chris is an experienced digital marketing senior executive, founder of MeMedia and advisor to corporates and new ventures on all aspects of digital marketing strategy and execution. Chris has recently been recognised by the Qld Government as a Queensland Community Digital Champion for his ground-breaking Mentor Revolution podcast and YouTube insight series which showcases the entrepreneurial journeys of leading contemporary Australian entrepreneurs.